I have not been feeling great emotionally and I don't want to be stretched way to thin this October so I have decided to take a short break. I have 6 posts finished that i will reschedule to keep content on here until 31 days begins! I will take this break to get better and to start on 31 days. You might get more than 6 posts if i feel the inspiration to do a non 31 days.

 My "Reflections" series will return in November with the remaining 6 unfinished parts. Top 5 will return to Mondays every week again starting in January, BUT don't be surprised if it appears sporadically before then!

 Also as you can tell from the reason for this hiatus: 31 Days of Halloween will return for the third year starting Sept 28. Yep you read that right, I decided to add 3 extra days as I wanted an extra media weekend.


  1. I think I remember Hiatus. I don't recall if he was on He-man or Thundercats, but he always appeared as a surprise villain in the last few minutes of the last episode of the season. Plus I think he had a hyena head. I could of course be completely wrong. Or making this up. But I'll bet someone out there has the figure...

    1. lol Hiatus was an awesome character on Thundercats. Just wish they had developed his character more! :)


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