Dollar Tree Panther

 I recently got a panther at Dollar Tree. Its one of those squishy toys that also attracts hair, etc but I just had to get it as it looks just like Panthor! I showed him last month but just felt that he deserved to be spotlighted! He has no articulation but looks great with mini figures!
Skeletor from an old SDCC Mini Masters 2-pack
Takes patience but you can get him to "ride" him!
Loyal Subjects are a little to big for him.
M.U.S.C.L.E.'s are too small. 

 Sadly no figures look great with him but the mini Masters look decent (SDCC version).


  1. That's awesome. Fun and creative find.

  2. What about Mega constructs figures?

    1. Hmm I did forget to do a pic with them lol. They are too small for him as well like the M.U.S.C.L.E.S.

  3. I don't know...I kind of like the second photo of Skeletor sitting on him.

  4. I like the thought of big old beastman riding on a tiny very tired looking panthor!


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