Update And Request From The Toy Box!

This week's Top 5 is not coming but there will be one next week, just needed a break. Its been a tough week with someone I knew well back in San Francisco passing on Saturday and even before that suffering from my chronic depression. It is one of the reasons why I took a break on Friday! More posts coming this week!

 Speaking of a break: I got a request from The Toy Box to show the breakage that happened to my Funko Disney Afternoon Uncle Scrooge. His legs broke off at the feet, they literally slid off like butter! So everyone becareful with him! Now days I keep them connected with Handy Tak (poster putty)! Also in the last pic you will see my carded Scrooge that I bought to replace this one but decided to keep him sealed as I made the original at least representable. Now on to the pictures:


  1. Man, that really stinks. I would honestly recommend e-mailing Funko's customer service with pictures and an explanation as to how it happened and see if they send you a replacement. Play the birthday gift card if you have to.

    1. At this point they prob don't even have anymore in house and I bought a replacement myself but yeah I should have.


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