Nickelodeon Blind Bag figure

 Earlier this year, I finally found the Nickelodeon blind bags that others have been finding forever.'
 I chose "Ren and Stimpy" as I had nothing from that Nickelodeon series yet. 
 The blind bag is actually a cool looking orange TV.
 It reminds me of the old promos that Nick had at the time this cartoon aired. I really love the nostalgia.
 It came with a sticker to be put on said tv to make it look like your watching the cartoon. The stickers are random and I know this because youtubers have opened them and got multiples of figures but different stickers!
 When I bought this I was like anything but "LOG" and of course guess what I got!
 The incredible toy log!
Remember everyone wants log!
 Everyone might love log but I guess i'm not everyone lol. The detail is decent though.
  Eventually I did come around and I realized that log has potential for displays and scenes.
 Executioner is making firewood for another cold Norse winter!
Hercules is doing one of his labors I guess, either that or a chore!
Hulk Want Arm Wrestle!
Hulk is helping move a giant log.
Dinosaurs love the forest!
Look! A compy sentry!

Well that is it for today, but even more is to come!


  1. I like Powdered toast man but think Ill pass on these because the classic nick figures sets are in the clearance section for only $3 more than these blind boxes.

    1. lol yeah I can understand that and speaking of Powdered Toast Man..... I guess next time I send the MOTU Megaconstrux (I still haven't found any sense the last one) I have something else to send. *Spoiler of next Wednesday's post* I have him and can send him your way. :)


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