Down Memory Lane Returns!

  Tomorrow is my Fortieth birthday ! Man I can't believe that. It seems like well I shouldn't be that old lol. No one believes i'm that old and that is fine by me. This year being a milestone, I have noticed that I have been looking back at the past. I thought today was a great day to bring back my old feature: Down Memory Lane, but with a twist. Now instead of just pictures, I will be actually saying how I felt and actually go down memory lane. There will still be pictures and they will be of my childhood pictures (when possible) but some times they will be from Google (like all of the pics in today's post). These articles will be sporadic as I have a bad memory as I have mentioned before, but whenever a memory is triggered I will type a post.
 I mentioned on Monday that I had a party at Showbiz Pizza. For those who have no clue what Showbiz Pizza is. It was like Chuck E. Cheese. In fact Chuck E. Cheese bought them out and made all the locations into Chuck E.Cheeses. They are very much like they were then. Animatronics, games, and prizes. I loved Skee ball, one of my all time favorite games at places like this. I played it for hours. Also like Chuck E. Cheeses you got tickets. You then turned these in to get cheap and usually crappy prizes. The sad thing? Those were sometimes my most treasured toys lol.
 So I barely remember the party but remember opening up and getting the Thunderhawk from M.A.S.K. This was a favorite of mine and I so want to replace it one day. Now you might wonder why I never had another party. Well I did, but it was family only. The reasoning behind this was the sad fact that when we moved to Georgia, I had no friends. Yep I was that kid. I had just a few acquaintances but no true friends until high school. This however is not a sad post. I remember that day so fondly. I don't remember what else I got or who gave that toy to me (probably my parents) but I remember that I was happy and it was a great birthday!
 As I sit here I realize that this post isn't about that birthday or Showbiz Pizza. No it is about the fact that I am almost 40 and I might have had what I consider a bad childhood due to kids but I have some great memories. Especially those that include my sister (not pictured), my father (not pictured), and my mother (pictured above with my nephew and me ON my birthday in the neighborhood pool in 1991!) We all seem to remember the bad times more than the good times (or at least I do) but it is always great to remember the good times as well. I know I Said there would be no Friday post but I felt like doing this one and wanted it posted around my birthday. :) Tomorrow will still be a Saturday post with some figures I got for my Birthday!


  1. In my old age I have grown rose colored glasses and an absent minded view on a lot of the bad in my past an now I look back fondly and longingly .I can gather all these childhood things back around me but in truth what I miss is a period in time and not so much the stuff from it and though I know I had bad times I would give anything to go back and live those times again.

    1. You know what? So would I, So would I. The 80s were a great era, there was even less to worry about even as an adult.


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