Top 5 Marvel toylines we will never see

 Its Monday and you know what that means, time for another TOP 5 list! This week's are the top 5 Marvel Toylines that I think should be made but most likely won't!

  In the 90's there was a line of comic books titled the Midnight Sons. It had Darkhold Redeemers, Ghost Rider, and many more. Some of the figures were made back then (in the Ghost Rider line) and have had figures made recently however many others did not and some of the characters looked so vastly different than other versions that they deserve a figure like Morbius and Strange!

4.  2099

 This is by far one of my all time favorite universes that Marvel has ever made! A few of the characters were made in the 90's (misc X-Men, Spidey, and Hulk) and Spidey has been made alot since (in 6 inch and 4 inch) but for the most part 2099 has gotten little love! So many unique characters were in that line and need figures! I will go more into this in a future list!

 I know what your thinking they got a line. Yes 1 wave and misc figures in the 5 inch scale, a few in the 6 inch, and one or 2 in 4 inch but so many were never made or were not done well (looking at you Rogue). This series is still loved by so many and a whole line or a wave in Legends would probably sell well.

 These next 2 we sadly will NEVER see for legal reasons.

 DC and Marvel co-created not 1 but 2 waves of an Amalagam series of one-shots. These were combined versions of their characters (like Bat-Thing which was Manbat and Man-Thing). Sadly as they are technically owned by both companies a line will never be seen, even though fans have wanted figures of these since the characters were introduced.

  Mantra is one of my all time favorite characters and comics! Sadly we never got a figure of her or most of the Ultraverse. We got some in Galoob's Ultraforce line but since that was based on the cartoon and not comic we only got Ultraforce characters and Nightman. Main Mantra villain Boneyard actually did appear in the cartoon but sadly never got a figure as the toyline never passed 2 waves. We will never see the others in plastic officially or the same reason we never saw the characters in comics - legal reasons. Apparently even though Marvel owns the names, the creators co-own the characters. This is why the Exiles (originally a team in the Ultraverse) was re-used but this time as a team of inter-dimensional mutants and had NOTHING to do with (nor used any of the characters from) the Ultraverse series!

Honorable Mentions:

 I know what your probably saying "Didn't we get these in the 90s from Toybiz?" Well yes and no. Some of the cartoon designs did make it through but with todays technology I think many would look greater! This is my personal feelings and know many others will disagree with me but that is why this is a honorable mention and not on the top 5!

 Say what you want about the actual series but they had some pretty great designs! Almost all of the characters looked vastly different. Heck Iron Man's look was so unique that he has been made into a toy at least twice now. Those were both 6 inch figures though and no other characters were ever made! This line should be made!

 Thats it for this week!


  1. It's Monday so Ill leave my list in your comment section :) 1:Nick Fury's Howling Commandos 2: Power Pack 3:Any New Universe cheracters 4:3D Man 5:Son of Satan Daimon Hellstrom . almost made the list but didn't : Gabriel the Devil Hunter and Bloodstone (Ulysses from marvel presents ,not his daughter) .

    1. All good choices. I would love a Howling Commandos series featuring all the teams (human and monsters!)


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