Trade with Brother Midnight

Time for the conclusion to my most recent trade with Brother Midnight!
 So I think we all know by now that one of my favorite lines is Transformers. Most of the box that I got in trade with Brother Midnight was that, and I loved it ALL! Don't get me wrong I love the misc stuff but to get more Transformers is AWESOME! Even in some cases he has made it so that I don't need to get the present day versions!

 We start with Robot Heroes. They are the Transformers version of a style that Hasbro went full throttle on. This style included GIJOE (Combat Heroes), Marvel (the little known Super Hero Squad line  😛), Star Wars (Galactic Heroes), and the Transformers (Robot Heroes). I am a huge fan of this style and love getting these. Both GIJOE And the Transformers versions currently have their own shelves in my collection. I love them that much. (Don't have enough otf the others - YET!)
 Shown here are Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Percepter (all G1).
 G1 versions of Starscream, Shockwave, Rumble, and Thundercracker.
 G1 Grimlock, Skrapnel (the last of the 3 Insecticons that I needed as I now have all 3 in this style!), and Slag.

 Interesting Note: This is currently the only Slag I own but really want a transforming one as he was the only Dinobot I had as a kid.
 G1 Bumblebee, Ironhide, Mirage, and Optimus II (Opening the Matrix)
 G1 Galvatron and Ultra Magnus!
 Beast Wars Cheetor, Optimus Primal, Rattrap, and Silverbolt
 Beast Wars Megatron, Tarantulas, and Transmetal Megaton holding a golden disk (from the cartoon series!)
 Beast Machines Tankor and Cheetor!
 Ok these are from Bayformers and I am not as good at the looks: Megatron, Jazz, Ratchet, and Frenzy. I do have to say that I really love that Frenzy!

 Now we are getting into the non Transformers figures but still are Transformers in my eyes!  All 3 of these are in my Transformers displays!
  Yay! This is my FIFTH Go-Bot! This is the Renegade Slicks. He seems to be the repaint of him. This was common in Tonka's line but most of the repaints included the characters from the show like Cykill, Crasher, Leader-1, etc.
 These seem to be Knock-offs and I love them so much! These are now flunkies for Megatron!

 Now its time for some reading material and one of these was EPIC for me.
 I know no suspense but this is the epic item. It is a "Find Your Fate" book which is a Choose Your Own Adventure type of story. I am a HUGE fan of CYOA books and buy them whenever I see them and I have been wanting the Find Your Fate GIJOE and Transformers books for some time. I actually plan to review this book soon.
 This is one of the volumes of the old Marvel series. I haven't read it yet but am looking forward to it.
 Another old Marvel comic released in Graphic Novel form. This is from the UK series.

 Now it is time for Traaansformers toys!
 I have no clue where this is from or who it is. It looks like its Bayformers. I however LOVE it so much. It looks like a bronze statue and I might add it to "Castle Destro" as a statue one day or I might use it as a statue in a TF display one day.
 This was BIG for me. I actually really wanted Wheeljack here and he was on my huge want list. He is from Armada and is my only Armada figure thats not from McDonalds or a minicon. I love this version of Wheeljack so much because he is a traitor and joined the Decepticons! I also love that the "scratch" Isn't painted on like I thought by looking at pictures. It is actually sculpted in!
 This is semi vintage! This is the repaint of Grimlock. It is the G2 version of the G1 toy.
 This is one of the figures that I no longer need. I wasn't interested in the combiner that the Dinobots become in the current line but wanted the Dinobots but now I have a Swoop and feel I no longer need the modern one!
 Soundwave here stops me from having to locate the Robots in Disguise version as I just wanted a deluxe scale Soundwave and he works. Also this version from Animated looks so darn cool!
 This is the Autobot version of Shockwave from Animated. I don't have him looking like this in my display though.
 I have him as this (shockwave) and he replaces my basic sized Shockwave from Combiner Wars. This Shockwave is bigger than a deluxe (He is what is now known as Voyager sized) and I think he is awesome.
 Another figure I don't need to get the modern version of. This is Beachcomber from a line simply called "Transformers". I believe that it came out in 2010.

 Now it is time for Beast Wars stuff. As you all should know by now Beast Wars is my ALL TIME favorite incarnation of the Transformers. I should point out that the Animated Movie era from 86-88 is a close second. Also Hot Rod/ Rodimus Prime is my all time favorite Transformer character even though he was never in Beast Wars!
 This figure is Leo Prime.  He is  a Target exclusive repaint of a figure that is a repaint of Leobreaker (with a new head) from Transformers Cybertron. So why is he here? He is painted to resemble Lio Convoy from the Japanese exclusive Beast Wars II (the first of the 2 Japanese exclusive BW toons.)
 This is Dark Scream, the "Robots In Disguise" (2001) repaint of Night Glider. Unlike Night Glider, he is a Predacon. Also now that I have him all I need is the RID repaint of Gas Skunk and RID Megatron to have all the Predacons from that cartoon!
 This guy is in my Predacon area on my Beast Wars shelf even though he is a Maximal. Why? During Beast Machines, Hasbro only wanted 2 factions, so all the good guys were Maximals, all the bad guys were Vehicons. Since he is a beast, he is a Maximal. However this is Buzzsaw and he is the same character as his Beast Wars namesake (this has been confirmed) and that was a Predacon. Plus an insect looks odd with the Maximals since all the other insects are all Predacons!
 This guy is a Baboon/ Tiger (or lion) named Bantor. He is from Beast Wars and is what was called a Fuzor (as is the guy below).
 Nocturno here is a Bat/ Bull Fuzor Maximal.
 This is Stinkbomb. He looks almost exactly like his RID counterpart Gas Skunk. I was only able to figure out he was Stinkbomb by looking at his faction symbol. There are very minor paint differences in the two.
 This is the Transmetal Beast Wars Maximal Optimus Minor! Not to be mistaken with Optimus Major um I mean Primal.
 This Transmetal Bat is Sonar. He was one of my all time favorites when I was younger so I am excited to readd him to my collection!
 I saved the best for last. This guy is from the other Japanese exclusive Beast Wars cartoon and is the actual figure from Japan. He is Big Convoy and he transforms into a mammoth. I have been wanting this figure ever since I discovered that he existed back in the late 90s/ early 2000's. The Matrix he came with is now being held by Hot Rod in my Transformers the movie display!

 Well that wraps up this trade with Brother Midnight over at Green Plastic Squirt Gun! Thank you again Brother Midnight for all the great stuff!

 So I do have an announcement, I plan to change to a 4 day schedule sometime this summer (probably July) and will start reviewing Kid Books and Graphic Novels as well as continue doing stuff about toys and media (hence the extra day) so look forward to that!


  1. I believe that bronze looking statue is from a Transformers chess piece.

    1. That is exactly what it is! Thank You Tony! I also now know who it is as well. Ratchet.

    2. Tony knows because it was his once lol

    3. lol!I always thought It was Bumblebee :\


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