Trade With Brother Midnight

  After a short break from toys I am back and guess what I'm starting with! A trade with Brother Midnight. As is the case most of the time, this will be done in 2 parts. Part 2 should be released later this week!
  First up are 3 more of the Toxic Crusaders from Playmates toys (1991): Radiation Ranger, Headbanger, and Psycho. I now have 8 of the 9 figures in the line! One day I will have to check EBAY for the final one (Killemoff!)
  This guy is Zed and is from the "Rookies" series of the Police Academy toyline.
  Groundchuck here is great! I had him as a kid so its nice to add him but I also only had a loose Krang, so he is the second villain added to my vintage turtles (up until now poor Krang was all alone against the heroes!)
  Earth, Air, Water, Heart, FIRE! Yes I said that out of order but that is because Wheeler here is the one who commands fire. I loved this cartoon but never owned the line. I have been wanting some of them so I am excited to add him to my Hanna-Barbera shelf!
  "By your powers combined I am Captain Atom?!!?" These 3 are from the Young Justice toyline from Mattel. Up until now all I had were some McDonalds toys so it is nice to have these. They are Kid Icicle, Captain Atom, and Impuls- I mean Kid Flash (stealth)!
  As long time readers of this blog should know I am a HUGE Batman Beyond fan! I have been wanting this particular figure (as well as the other 5 BB related figures from the JLU line, the Jokerz, Blight, Robin, and cyber Joker from the BB series!) for some time. So I am so happy to finally add him to the small but growing BB section of my DC TV shelf.
  Superman here has holes that you can clip things in but I have no clue whatsoever where he is from. Just that hes Mattel.
  This tiny Spider-Man is from the mini line of Super Hero Mashers. Like the "Adults" the parts can be swapped with others.
  This is a drone or a villain of some kind from Iron Man. He is from the Super Hero Squad line. He is now my third in that series.
  Blossom! Ok I once said how I liked paper dolls when I spotlighted a Littles book I found in pristine condition at Goodwill so getting this made my day. I won't be punching em' out but they are so cool. I might show the dolls off one day if anyone wants to see them.
  This is the Toad Air Marshall! I got 4 of the Bucky figures (including Bucky himself) in the last trade but they were all heroes so I was excited to get this villain this time around. My only problem? Figuring out if I want him with the Bucky figures or in my frog display lol.
  M.U.S.C.L.E., Raisin, Sweet Secrets, Commander Plague, and Mako!
The M.U.S.C.L.E. I am excited about because I wanted one in color to go with my basic pink ones!
 The raisin is awesome because I had him as a kid and looks great with my others!
 The Sweet Secret I never heard of b4 but think its cute and might look for more one day.
 Plague is from "Sky Commanders" and looks great with Rath (also from "Sky Commanders" and is part of Plague's forces: the Raiders!) and my M.A.S.K. figures!
 Mako is my first Dino-Riders figure since I was an adult. This Rulon will soon be reunited with the dinosaurs!
  Combat Heroes will end this post (and the Robot Heroes figures will begin the next part.) I really love this style and am so happy to have so many more in my collection now!
 Roadblock, Firefly, Commander, Tiny Timber, Duke, and Snake Eyes.
  Cobra Trooper
 Snake Eyes and Timber, Movie Commander, Movie Duke, and Bazooka!
 Snake Eyes and Timber are from the 2009 SDCC! I only know this because I looked up some to see what I still needed and to confirm that the wolves were Timber.
 Well that is it for today but even more is coming later this week with part 2! Its more than meets the Eye!


  1. I forgot Police Academy actually had an action figure line lol!Man,lots of great stuff.Toxic Crusaders ftw :)

    1. lol I guess its forgettable lol, but it did have some great things in it like the police station for example. Love the Toxic Crusaders!

  2. I completely forgot that timber Snake Eyes set was from SDCC

    1. lol. They are pretty cool and to be honest that Timber is my favorite Timber I have owned.


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