Star Wars Week: My Funko and Lego Displays!

  Well, its finally time for the shelfie's to begin! Bet you thought I forgot huh? Running late because of a few reasons: was sick earlier, had a dentist appointment this afternoon, AND had to finish the re-organizing of the Star Wars display in my collection room! Whew! I'm surprised I even made it lol!
  Today we take a look at my Funko and Lego's on my Star Wars shelf. Sorry for the blurriness but its getting dark and the lighting in that room is't the best (but is the best in my house sadly)
 LET us start with Funko! These used to be on my Funko shelf in my room but after making it smaller by adding my Precious Moments and other stuff, these were moved to the Star Wars area!
  First up is Phasma's box.
  Captain Phasma was my second Star Wars POP I believe. I got her because I thought she was so cool, I mean a female Stormtrooper?
  Sandtrooper with Dewback was my first SW pop I believe and was a Wal-Mart exclusive!
 Chewie with Porg I got just last year ON force Friday II. He is in box now cause he is flocked and attracted dirt like no one's business AND I couldn't get it off easy.
  Now it is time for my Lego's. The Star Destroyer and the walker (at the end of this shelf) are the only Lego Star Wars that I have that were not from last year's advent calendar.
  I really like those items as I mentioned last December and plan to get this year's as well.
  I just hope we get more "Lego(Y)" items this year. I was fine with what we got as I had only the two polybags at that point (Star Destroyer and the Walker) but I have seen the past offerings and hope we get goofy things like those this year.
  I like this shelf but can't wait until I have more to put on it!
  Here are my two walkers, the tiny one was from the calendar and the Gorilla Walker from Last Jedi is from a polybag!
  As an added bonus I thought I would share the back of my collection room door. This I rarely show. You can see various Lego items and Megabloks(Contrux) checklists.
  The picture you can't see is of my family.
  Here's a close-up of the panel from the Advent Calendar and below is from the instructions from the Gorilla Walker (which are behind the checklist!)
 That is it for today. Around midnight will be a goofy post featuring Kara (so I stay on schedule) and then hopefully later that day will be the next Shelfie post, if not, expect 2 on either Thursday or Friday!