This year's Star Wars week will conclude the original trilogy! The first year was simply 
"Star Wars Week", last year was "Star Wars Week Strikes Back", and this year is "Return of Star Wars Week!" It also might be the last one I do as these Star Wars Week's are not that popular, I planned to cancel after last year BUT decided a few weeks ago to at least finish out the trilogy! ­čś║ That and hey that scoundrel deserves to have a Star Wars Week to! 

I decided to start out this year's Star Wars week (yep new Star Wars toys hit shelves on Friday) with yet more Kara as Star Wars characters post. What can I say? 

It was a cold night and I put the blanket over her to look like a Jedi robe, I'm surprised that even though she was in heat that she let me take pictures before running off.
"I am not the cat your looking for."
"Look deep into my eyes!"
"You know it all to be true! I am a Sith!"
"Ha ha ha ha"
 That's it for the first day of Star Wars week, but most of the week we'll be taking a look at my Star wars shelves instead of random pics! See you all tomorrow!


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