Figure Spotlight: INSECT VIKING

 Here is a mix and match figure that I currently have in my collection. Its an extra Buzz-Off that I have with a couple items that I found at Goodwill awhile back. I think he looks pretty cool. I know its not great but at least he's different. 😺
 My "Shelfie" series returns next week as does "New Arrivals" so get ready, we're back to basics!


  1. I always wondered if the Raph the barbarian accessories would fit anything else and now I know lol

  2. I had no clue where the helmet came from lol. It fits him pretty well so my guess is any he-man fig would work, i'll check a vintage turtle out of curiosity. Would try Raph but i actually don't have a vintage Raph (he's actually the only turtle I have no version of from any line but the Nick one!)


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