Just a quick post to show off some things that I found at a local Flea Market (same booth)!
 That Arcee is from the first Transformers (Bayformers) line and was the one I wanted so I was excited to find it for a mere 50 cents!
 Kaitlin from V.R. Troopers was also a great find for me as I had no VR Ttoopers yet (I still need a Masked Rider figure and then I will have something to represent all the Saban Power Ranger like shows: Power Rangers, V.R. Troopers, Beetleborgs, Masked Rider (Kamen Rider), and Mystic Knights. Even though Mystic Knights wise I have no action figures but I do have 3 happy meal toys! She was 50 cents!
 Apocalypse is from a gift set and would have never gotten if not for a quarter as he can't stand and ToyBiz had glued them so he is unarticulated!)
 The Care Bear is from McDonalds and is Cheer Bear and was 50 cents!
 Lastly is the Frog from Littlest Pet Shop (McDonalds) and got it for a quarter. I added it to my frog shelf and I am excited to re-add it to my collection as I had it in San Francisco!
 That's it for today but I really need to go back to that flea market (I wish I had been able to get the Garfield McDonalds glasses, I think they had the whole set!


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    1. TY, yeah I was pleasantly surprised by finding them!

  2. uhg I remember that Mutant Hall of Fame (more like the hall of shame) all the figures were glued to the plastic shelf in the box.I bought it because at the time Iceman was as rare as could be and sold for 120$ also I think it was the first time Professor X was released. It was really expensive for the time and when I got it home I broke Iceman in half trying to get him out.I got professor x out in one piece and he worked fine till the released the single carded version.I wrote toybiz and they sent me an apology letter and a coupon for 1 free Xmen figure with the purchase of one full priced figure. I remember some people going to near heroic efforts to loosen those figures like filling a plastic tote up with rubbing alcohol and soaking the entire thing for months lol

    1. Yeah I got it to as a kid. I was so disappointed and hated it. Worse part is I don't think Toybiz even warned us on the package that they were unarticulated and stuck permanently to that damn display! To bad about Iceman but awesome that Toybiz sent you that coupon though!


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