So after searching the web I have found lots of Megaconstrux news! Just so everyone knows this will probably be the last news post for a couple weeks or so! I'll be going back to basics soon! I just been having a rough couple of weeks and thats why I have done more news posts than usual. But get ready for the return of my shelfie (Shelf spotlight), new arrivals, and spotlights! They are all coming back next month!
 Most of the images come from the  Official Megaconstrux Facebook page!


  First up is the new Halo stuff coming this FALL (which if the past is any sign will actually be summerish). As I do not play Halo, I have no commentary on these except that Banished Goliath, Banished Marauder, and the single packed figures look pretty cool, I might grab one of the single packed figures to go with my ONE Halo megabloks figure! Also been considering picking up a single packed Call of Duty diver Megaconstrux heroes figure  (Call of Duty and I believe Halo are under the MegaConstrux Heroes line now, but are not part of the variety waves that the MOTU are as they get their own waves!) to go with my diver (the only call of duty megabloks figure that I have.)
 Forge's Warthog revs up to take down a Banished Goliath!
 UNSC Blizzard Squad
 Decimus with the UNSC Frostraven
 Banished Marauder with Sergeant Johnson
 Combat Evolved-themed Master Chief, Jackal, Spartan Centurion, Spartan Recruit, Dr. Halsey, and Spartan Emile 


 Let's continue the Video Game MegaConstrux news with Pokemon!
 12-inch Jumbo Pikachu
 This is a huge shocker and I will NOT be getting it lol but think an 12 inch Pikachu building block toy is interesting, weird but interesting!
 Stufful, Bounsweet, Carvanha, Staryu, Charjabug, and an all-new Pikachu!
 It should come as no surprise that the Pokemon single builds that come in pokeballs will be continuing with yet another Pikachu! 
 Charmander, Caterpie, Bellsprout, Marill, Chinchou, and Pidgey
 Wave 6 has a couple that are tempting me: Charmander and Marril! I have been able to stay way from these figures but that is coming to an end (with what is the last pic of the Pokemon reveals) so I might just get these two as I always loved Charmander and Marill!
 Pichu, Wurmple, Togedemaru, Pikipek, Salandit, and Larvitar
 The sad thing is that I only know Pichu from these, but I really want that Salandit (the big black lizard/salamander thing!
 Togetic and Dragonite set
 I guess Togetic is one of Togepi's evolved forms? I have no clue honestly. Dragonite though! So awesome!
 Mew and Mewtwo set
 This is it, the one that will stop my no collecting Pokemon MegaConstrux ways! I am a HUGE fan of MEw! I even named my first kitty (a calico) Mew back in the late 90s (I miss her) I have always loved the character but the real cat helps me love MEW the Pokemon as i think of her when I see it! I try to get anything MEW when I see it (which sadly is rare, I couldn't get a plush and never saw it again so the only MEW figure I own is a Burger King toy, but I do own a MEWTWO action figure but its the more recent powered up look). So I plan to get this regardless of price!


 These sets look cool but I had no clue that Mattel put out non licensed MegaConstrux sets until I saw these revealed!
 Sea Rescue
  Train Heist


 The next image is from The Fwoosh! and shows the next 2 waves of Heroes! 

 You will notice that one of the waves only has one MOTU figure! We have learned that that is supposedly wave 3! An interesting note is that there are very few new sculpts in that wave! Faker (the only MOTU figure) is a repaint of He-Man with some Skeletor items (as he should be) and the Xenomorph has just green slime added! These make sense. Faker looks just as he should and the Xenomorph hasn't been seen since wave one and sold out fast and I cannot wait to get this one to go with the wave one one that I was lucky enough to find. Leonardo is also a repaint. He is from the comic book series of TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) but this is his first time being painted! I might pick him up and give him nunchuks until they give us a colored Mikey! Also Star Trek, which is not selling, gets another figure in Data. Honestly I might buy Picard and Borg from series one now. We also get two Terminator figures!

 Wave 4 gives us two more MOTU figures: Evil Lyn and Man-At-Arms, an Endoskeleton from Terminator (the only Terminator Megaconstrux figure I will probably buy), a Assasign's Creed figure, A God Of War figure, and Hellboy! 

 All in all both waves look excellent!
 NEW Waves 3 and 4!
  WAVE 2!
I only added this pic from the Facebook page as there is news on wave 2. It has been out at Wal-Mart since December but as of last month, it has started to appear in Toys R Us! TRU has yet to get Wave one but the fact that wave 2 is there now is a good thing for those who still have a TRU near them!


  As a special treat I am also showing a couple Funko reveals that I felt were of interest to readers of my blog! 

 First up are the upcoming Nick Toons Myatery Mini's. These are blind boxed and go for 6-10 bucks depending on where you get them! As always their are store exclusives and you are NOT guaranteed any of the exclusives! Look for these next month!
 The Main Series, available everywhere!
 Gamestop exclusive set!
 Hot Topic Exclusive Set!
 Toys R Us Exclusives!

 Its time to return to Rainbowland this May with this Rainbow Brite pop (which comes with her Sprite). I hope that we get many more down the line!
Rainbow Brite and Twink!


 Last up is the Savage World and similar lines from Funko. They have already released Mortal Kombat in this series (done in the vintage 5.5 Masters of universe scale) but we are now getting Conan, Horror Icons (Freddy, Jason, Pinhead, Michael Myers, and Leatherface) AND THuNDERCATS! Finally! Thundercats in the old MOTU style! The below picture is from the Fwoosh! To see the other lines and more images from the Thundercats just click the link HERE!

 Thats it for now but starting either later this week or next week we go back to basics! See you all then!


  1. I can not wait for the Savage world figures! Im not so interested in the horor (surprisingly) but the Thundercats and Conan are must haves for me.

    1. I agree 100%! I want at least 2 of the Conan's (Conan and the girl, wonder if its Red Sonja) I mean who doesn't want Conan to finally team with He-Man? I also want all 8 f the CATS and not to interested in the horror. I am a fan of Freddy and Jason but that Freddy looks terrible! I might get Jason though!


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