Gifts from a friend - Part One - Disney Afternoon!

 Look what I got in the mail! This is my first ever package from BBTS (Big Bad Toy Store)! It is also my Christmas/ Birthday present from a very close friend (thank you)!
 When I opened it I was greeted to this!
 After the removal of the bubble wrap, this is what I saw! Lots of toys! Today we will take a look at the Disney Afternoon collection from Funko and then Wednesday I'll show the three Transformers!
 First up is Baloo Bear from Tale Spin. He is very much like the 90s Playmates toys figure!
 Chip AND Dale with Zipper! I still can't believe that we finally got Chip and Dale as Rescue Rangers as action figures! They are the most posable of the series. Zipper is unposable but look at how cute he is!
 By now we all know that my favorite Disney cartoon has got to be "Darkwing Duck!" So getting him is really great. I love how he looks and unlike the Playmates version, no action feature to mess with the look!
 As you can see, his face sculpt is amazing!
 I even have the chase! My first ever chase from Funko! This is Darkwing Duck according to the package, however this is really the first version of DW's arch enemy Negaduck!
 Look at how great this figure looks, especially with those red eyes!
 I still can't believe we can now display them together!
 The last figure in the collection (yep I have all 6!) is Scrooge! He is pretty cool and looks (like the others) just like he left the cartoon!
 Baloo and Chip came with no accessories. I can forgive Baloo since he is the biggest figure but Chip should have had something imo. Dale came with Zipper, DW came with his famous gas gun (as did Negaduck) and Scrooge came with the most - his cane and a bag of money.
 The backs are so beautiful.
 I am not sure if this is new artwork or old but its amazing!
  I also wonder if they are previewing future figures? (doubt it)
 As you can see only the Rescue Rangers have a cross sell and that is because only they have "officially" multiple figures in the line (DW's chase is considered DW).
 My only gripes are the no accessory with Chip, Negaduck's gas gun is exactly the same black as DW's, and it is hard to stand them. Moving their feet is nerve racking and feels like they will snap. However I recommend these for collectors (not kids) as they look great together! I am excited to add them to my collection and hope that we got a series 2!


  1. Awesome!That line up of cartoons after school was so memorable!

  2. It really was, its so great that we are getting so much from it now (Jada Metals - Scrooge, Gizmo, and the triplets, and Funko) so many years later! Hope that it continues!


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