25 Days of Christmas: Kara's Christmas toys!

 I thought it would be fun to take a look at KAra's Christmas toys. I should point out that she has more but  I couldn't find them all!
  Before I start you would never realize how LONG it took me to get her to come out and look at the toy for this article lol! That box is her hideaway area and I utilized it as you shall eventually see by putting Christmas stuff on it lol.
 This stocking is from awhile back and like all of her catnip toys she loves it.
  Here is a mitten!
  This snowflake was actually supposed to be part of this years Christmas gift (and therefore her newest one) but like every year she smelled it and had to give it to her now. Good thing I realized this a couple years ago and buy 2 or 3-packs so she still has 2 more for actual Christmas!
 Sure she has her own toys but she loves living here with my big toy collections, I still can't find some of my toys that she has run off with!

Well, that is it for today but tomorrow we will be doing even more winter fun so stay tuned!