25 Days of Christmas: Clarice!

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very --- oh sorry review time!
 Awhile back ago Cassie gave me her Clarice figure from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I have been putting it out every Christmas since. Wish I still had my Rudolph though.
 Years ago, a Rudolph toyline was released every year, you still can find minis but not the action figures. This is from the 5  inch line.
 Clarice has a great head sculpt and looks as if she  had just walked out of the tv special! Her eyelashes are made from a material that not only looks real but when you touch them they move like the real thing!

 She has 6 POA: Head moves left and right (but not up and down), all 4 of her legs can go up and down but not out, and her tail can be rotated (be careful though when I had Rudolph, his tail fell off because of this articulation!)
 She (like many in this line) came with a base. It is snowy with some green plants on it.
 She apparently came with presents (as indicated in the packaged image above that I found in a Google search) but I don't have them and am not even sure that this edition had them (they kept re releasing the same figure year after year with minor changes.)
 I do however have her seals. They are just in a grey plastic with minimum paint aps and no articulation, but they look great!
 All in all a great figure and if you can find her I would recommend her! I am so glad that I have her.


  1. She looks cool.I just watched this with my daughter a few days ago on Youtube.

    1. she is, haven't seen it in years might watch this year.

  2. I want to get heat miser,snow miser and the Abominable Snowman but they have gone up in price a lot .


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