SURPRISE! I decided to do one more post before 25 Days of Christmas!
Rogue (Toybiz, 1994) 
 At this point in the X-Men line we had ONE female X-Man (Storm), although we had a repaint of her as well. I remember being disappointed in the fact that the guys were looking better but Rogue looked as bad as Storm from the first series (but thankfully not as bad as Sue Storm from the Marvel heroes line)! I was also thankful we got another cartoon female so I grabbed her up as soon as I saw her. I was pretty excited to find her at Goodwill.
Toothpaste Smurf (Schleich/Irwin/Peyo, 1979)
 This is where things deviate, as this figure and the rest of the ones featured in today's articles (with the exception of Batman) were gotten in trades with Brother Midnight and NOT Goodwill! I had quite a bit of the old Schleich/ Irwin/ Peyo Smurfs as a kid and this was one of them. He is also the only one I have currently that I had as a kid. Not much to say but I think both my parents and Brother Midnight are trying to say something to me about the importance of brushing my teeth huh? 😉
Panda Khan (Playmates, 1990) 
 Turtle Power! One of the few toylines that I had more than a dozen figures of was the turtles so every time I get a vintage figure I am excited especially if I had it Panda Khan here I had and occasionally played with but because he was never in the toon I don;t remember playing with him as much. I do as an adult see how great this figure is and think he would look great with the TMNT III turtles, sadly I do not have any yet..
Tec-Shield Batman (Kenner, 1990) 
 This one I believe I got both parts from Goodwill BUT I might have gotten Bats from Brother Midnight. I have always loved this Batman. The jet pack was odd (this was before we got millions of Batman variants. in fact this line was the begining. I loved the gold color scheme as well and if I remember correctly this was my go to Bats.
Dick Grayson/ Robin (Kenner, 1993)
 We end todays article with Dick! This figure was awesome! We had Robin in Super Powers and various Robins in the Batman TAS series line, we even had Bruce by this point but no Dick Grayson in this scale! I remember being so excited t have Bruce and Dick together to fight crime out of costume. I always loved (and still do) the out of costume or unmasked figures as it gives more of a complete universe feel and seriously as a kid I wanted to make things I saw on TV with my toys and usually that was impossible as we rarely got non super hero versions. Toybiz did a great job as well during their Marvel run with figures like Civilian Wolverine, Peter Parker, and Jameson! Not to mention figures in boxsets like  Mary Jane (both regular and Christmas!), their first Jameson, Ben Reilly, and another Peter Parker! Not a huge selection but still pretty great considering this line and current lines!

 Well that is it for tonight but guess what I'll be here every day until Christmas starting tomorrow night, see you then!


  1. I guess I dont need to send you Rogue lol

    1. lol, thats ironic in the fact that I only own 6 of the Toy Biz 5 inch figures (2 Iron Men, Quicksilver, Rogue, and the two you sent me: Bishop and Magneto!)


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