31 Days of Halloween: A Tom Petty Tribute!

  For the first time in its two year tradition, 31 Days of Halloween is doing a tribute! Due to this I tried very hard to connect it to Halloween....
  As you may have heard, Tom Petty died on Monday in California from cardiac arrest at just 18 days shy of his 67'th birthday! Tom Petty was a legend.
  So much so that I was on the verge of tears when I heard it was official (earlier that day it was misreported that he had already died.). I even listened to 4 of his songs: Don't Come around Here No More, Zombie Zoo (he mentions the living dead), Free Fallin' and I won't Back Down. This is extremely rare for me. Why? I am not a music fan of any sort. I listen to it very rarely but he was one of those that I did listen to from time to time (like Billy Idol).
  So to try to keep it in the 31 Days theme, lets talk about the creepiness of Don't come around here no more. First here is the actual video via YouTube:
 A classic 80s/ 90s music video if their ever was one! The girls in the checkered outfits and just the psychedelic feel of the video itself nd then of course there is this:
  Ok what is creepier than a girl becoming a cake and being eaten? Eeew!
Before I go though I will say this:
Free Fallin' will never mean the same to me again! The reason will be after the music video.
 If you want to see "Free Fallin'" before I say why, here you go:
 Near the very end of the song he not only mentions Valhalla, but he also says this line:
"I'm gonna freefall out into nothing,
Gonna leave this world for awhile...."
 To me and I am sure many others this has a new meaning. :( It is sad now. More articles coming and we will be back on the regular schedule tomorrow, but until then let us remember a great singer:


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