31 Days of Halloween: Nanos!

When you turn the corner into the kitchen from the living room (and my collection room) this is what you see:
Obviously its decorated for Halloween (the wall), but this is my Jada Nano collection.
 It is also where I keep my mini figure in package collection!
 Starting from the top:
Black Widow, Captain America, and Hulkbuster. Out of these 3 my absolute favorite sculpt has to be Hulkbuster. HE is also pretty heavy!
I love this figure she just looks so cool!
Mikey is actually a Metals keychain from JAda (and $5) but I had nowhere else to place him!
Carnage, Green Goblin, and Vulture, with Black Costume Spidey!
My favorite DC hero: Supergirl, Superman, an Killer Croc!
My favorite version of Batman has to be the Animated series so I had to get both Batman and Harley from it! Especially since this is where Harley started!
Not a fan of Harry Potter but I Want at least one figurine from each series so I got this Dementor (?) as it is pretty Halloweeny and I loved them in the movie!
I got Newt for the same reason (and will probably have to buy a Pixar figure from Disney as well for the same reason.)
Little known fact about me I do enjoy watching WWE on occasion BUT the WCW was my favorite and that is why I got Sting from the WWE line. That and cause he looks pretty good due to the make-up, the others not so much.
Aquaman and Green Lantern. I am focusing on the Super Friends era characters right now!
I got Chun-Li because I love her character (also she was the only one in the GIJOE line I got as a kid -one day I hope to re add that figure or the movie repaint to my collection! I might also get Blanka on day!
I did add two more nano's to my collection since I took the pictures of the display:

I got my first Disney Nano figures:
and Kermit!
I plan to get Mickey and Minnie soon.
Well that is a look at my Nano collection. I have become addicted and at 99 cents why not? They are pretty cool and remind me of the ERTL metal figures of my childhood!

 The other items minus Halloween decos in the pic of Animal and Kermit will be looked at after October! Even more spooktacular fun coming up tomorrow!


  1. Those are super cute! Never even heard of them before.

    1. Yeah they are pretty popular these days, like my Megaconstrux Heroes that I reviewed earlier this month, I have only seen these at Wal-Mart!


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