31 Days of Halloween: My Monster Figurine Tins?

Just a quick post today.
 Over the years I have been picking up these cute little tins that came with candy. Ok over the years is inaccurate, more like a couple years ago at Wal-Mart I found the 3 ghosts. Then this year I as so excited that I Found the Mummy and Vampire!
 They were found at Family Dlar with one ghost I had (the one on the far right next to the Mummy!)
 I have to give them props, that Mummy is pretty detailed for a tin, I mean they even showed his butt crack lol!
 I highly recommend these cute things I mean for just a buck and you also get a few pieces of candy? Why Would you not? Thats it for today. Even more spooktacular fun coming all month long!


  1. those are pretty cool- nice find!

  2. Wow - I love them! And just a buck??? I need to make a trip to Family Dollar!

    1. Yep just a buck and yeah pretty cool, Target might have them as well as I have seen the ghosts at Target before.


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