31 Days of Halloween: Michael Jackson's Halloween Special!

Oh wow an all new CBS Halloween special!
 I love Michael Jackson;s music and I am not afraid to admit that! Whether or not the controversy is true or not (and I ill not be saying anything about it) does not matter as he was a great singer and performer.
 Michael Jackson made his music videos into mini movies. He even appeared in a Disney Parks show called Captain Eo and was in The Wiz! Not to mention he even dance with Alvin once!
  He died many years ago now so when I saw on Cbs.com Michael Jackson's Halloween, I was like say what? Turns out they made a brand new animated one hour special which features many of his songs!
  The story revolves around two young adults who are brought together by Michael Jackson. They are:
 Victor, who works at his father's grocery store but dreams of being a DJ
 and Victoria who is considered not an employ by her boss because she is just an "intern!"
  Jackson's monkey Bubbles (who can talk and drive) sets up for the main characters to go to a castle looking place in a Halloweeny looking setting that they magically created using a box.
 Eventually Vincent and Victoria run into each other (thanks to Michael) and while trying to find a dog named Icabod they end up in the land of Conformity (an evil witch who turns things who break the rules into mindless zombies).
  I won't spoil the rest by telling you what happens next.
 All in all the special was pretty good. I went in feeling nostalgia for my childhood. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that back then we always got new (and old) Halloween specials. These days the occasional Cable special appears but never on the big 3! So this was pretty cool.
 The special was funny like when Vincent and Victoria meet , when Vincent said he needed an mri after hearing Bubbles talk, or the fact that Victoria's bosses dog's name was "Icabod!" Other parts were odd like Michael Jackson transforming into a bat!
  It was a great special and I enjoyed it. I recommend this special to anyone who likes Halloween specials (even if you don't like Michael Jackson's music). I should point out that the music was just a part of the story, the actual story was pretty great!
  Songs include "Xscape" (Which I never heard of before this special), Thriller, and Dangerous!
 Voics include Brad Garret as Bubbles, George Eads, Lucy Liu, and Lucas Till.
That is it for now but even more spooktacular fun until November 6!
You can watch this special searching Cbs.com or just by clicking HERE!


  1. That lady in the red dress would make a great action figure.This is pretty strange to tell you the truth.Im guessing somebody connected to the bank account thats is fed by his name is in need of money.

    1. I agree Conformity would make a great action figure! I also agree that this is pretty strange that the special was made BUT it is actually pretty good!

  2. I haven't watched it yet, but looking forward to it!

  3. This is probably the first of many Micheal Jackson themed shows to come.It seems like artists become more popular after they pass away.

    1. Artists do become more popular (and people forget the controversies about them) after they die, so you probably are right about more coming.

  4. very interesting- I may have to look this one up. all I watched was the David S. Pumpkins animated special. I can honestly say I now know far less about David Pumpkins than I did last year.


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