Welcome to the second annual "Star Wars Week!" All this week, Alexis' Treasures will go to a galaxy far away and visit the Last Jedi! (See what I did there? 😃)
 To kick things off, I thought it would be fun to do a "It Came From..." since I have come across an old Star Wars insert catalog from The Phantom Menace!
 This was an era where all of Hasbro's toylines seemed to come with these catalogs (G.I.Joe, Transformers, etc) Truthfully I miss them as they were handy in identifying what is out.
 It begins with "Phantom Menace" figures. Here we can see n the first 2 pages, a few of the figures and the "gimmick" of that line  the Comm-tech reader. An interesting little fact is this gimmick is coming back in a way for the new "Last Jedi" line in the form of "Force link." Instead of bases, the chip is in the foot of the figures and the force link reader is something that you wear on your arm!
 For those who do not know, the Comm tech reader was a device that you placed the stands the figures came with on and it read them and played certain phrases from the movie! I never had the reader but would like one one day especially since I did come in possession of one of the stands recently!
 The figures were pretty cool and although the movie wasn't the best (IMO), the characters are some of my favorites. I mean Maul looks so awesome and although not a fan of Jar Jar, the Gungans are pretty cool in appearance!
 Pages 3-4 continue to show off the basic figures. 3-P0 still to me looks great for a droid but if I ever get one he'll be a random droid and not 3-P0. What is cool is that Hasbro brought the accessory sets into the SW line for this movie. Sadly, I do not think they ever did it again!@
 I know very little about these deluxe figures but they look okay to me. The lightsaber gimmick looks pretty cool. This was an era as you can see, that 12 inch figures were made. G.I.Joe (which started as a 12 inch line in the 1960's) had a line as well. On a side note, I recently got a Forces of Destiny Hoth Leia with R2-D2 and was shocked. They are more like action figures than dolls! Leia even has the classic action feature of squeezing her legs and her waist and arm moves! So ironically 2 gimmicks from this line are returning in a way this year (though I don't think the 12 inch line for this movie had action features).
  They also gave us the creatures and vehicles fron the movie! I love that Opee!
 A Couple more vehicles from the movie!
 The Podracers were also released and look at this! Fashion dolls! So yeah I think Hasbro decided to mix the 12 inch action figures with fashion dolls (probably due to Mattel's success with Superhero Girls!)
 Though only 2 pages, they did advertise the other SW line (Power of the Force II). I would be amiss if I neglected to mention that Power of the Force II is the line that brought SW back onto the toy aisles even without any new media out!
 I love hand held games as you may know and these look pretty neat to me. I love how the Anakin game came with a figure but the podracer one didn't. I bet they knew the podracer game would interest people and feared a yellow ship might not lol.
 The other two games shown here are interesting as well. A droid that attacks you if you lose and another that shoots things at you lol.
  A disc Launcher? Well, the were pretty popular in the 90s and came as action features with many figures like G.I.Joe Battle Corps!
 Sad fact, never played Simon but this SW Simon game sounds fun lol.
 Is it sad that the reason I wish I had Clash of the lightsabers are the pewter figures? I have no interest in the game really.
 Really have nothing to say about the puzzle thing sorry.
 I really really really REALLY want those creatures from the battle bags. I also want that Jabba. What a great idea to combine Jabba and slime! Those other things are cool but meh to me honestly but probably since similar things still come out for the SW movies to this day!
 An ad for a SW magazine and a CD-Rom game! Man those were the days huh?
 WEAPONS! We still get these today though due to newer laws, the guns look less realistic. The lightsabers are pretty cool as well but again you can get those at the store today!

That is it for today's post but be here everyday for even more Jedi and Sith fun!


  1. I remember going through those catalogs and dreaming and scheming on what I would get.

    The Comm-tech I had it, but I don't have very fond memories of it, and it left in the great purge of extras

    1. Oh I know the reader sucks lol but just want it to have it lol (I have a problem). I to loved looking and seeing what I Could get in the catalogs.


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