I planned to make "It came from...." a regular series, but I never did return to it, today I remedy that. Today we take a look at an old Disney Catalog that I found in one of my old Disney VHS tapes! I used to love these things as a kid and today we will look at one in all its glory!
 Peter Pan. I will be honest, while I enjoy the film, it is not one of my favorites. However I have fond memories of it and love the ride at Disney World (no clue if it still exists though).
 Misc tapes. I remember most of these (I barely remember the Reluctant Dragon though). Wind in the Willows is based on a book and was one half of The adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad movie. As I have said before, Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite Disney tales ever. I even see Sorcerer Mickey there! Bongo on the other hand does NOT ring a bell.
 Rescue Rangers! When you need help just call...chip n' dale.... it is not my favorite of the Disney Afternoon shows (those would be Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, and Gargoyles- in that order), but it was one of the best! I remember wayching it as a kid and enjoying it, I have even seen some episodes in recent years. I even have 3 of the 4 McDonalds figures (missing Chip Ironically) and have Dale (as well as Mickey and Minnie) in the Epcot McDonalds figures (still need Chop and the Canadian Exclusive Dale).
 Winnie The Pooh, Winnie....
Honestly, I was not a big fan of the cartoon series (but I did watch it and could enjoy it.) My love was the live action Disney Channel series: "Welcome to Pooh Corner", that was the Pooh I knew and loved. However; I will admit as an adult that it is a good cartoon, I just never gave it a chance back then.
 Mickey Mouse!
Tapes featuring Disney shorts featuring the gang. I loved these tapes as a kid, but preferred Disney Channel as a mix and match was great. I may be the only one but I get so bored after watching so many Donald cartoons, etc but could watch for hours if its Donald, Mickey, etc. As long as not every short is Donald or Mickey, etc.
Speaking of, I loved this series so much. I wish they would just release the last episodes of it on DVD (as well as Darkwing Duck) and be over with it. They might though with a new toon on its way this fall!
 Sing-A-Long Songs
For those not aware, these were the scenes in the movies (most of the time but sometimes they used clips from different parts) where the songs were like Baloo's song "Bare Necessities." There were a lot of these made back then and although I have seen some at Goodwill, I have yet to pick one up yet for some reason.
Little Mermaid!
 I saved the best for last, as this is my all time favorite Disney movie of all time! I own it on DVD but might grab the video someday as well.

As a bonus:
 An old survey from a Disney Video!
 I know to some this may be junk, but to me this is history and is pretty cool.
I even found an old Disney Proof of purchase!
Thats it for this installment, but even more "It came from..." are coming.


  1. Cool catalog. I still love seeing all the Star Wars paperwork crammed into the boxes of the vintage Kenner stuff. Even the customer feedback form.


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