I have been bad lol. It has actually been awhile sine I have participate in a Round Robin challenge, but here I am doing this week's challenge (although it is late!)
This week's challenge is Curating.
"How do you Curate your collection? I will let you count the ways"
The challenge comes from the creator of Round Robin, Mr. Smith!

I was a little confused on how to do this until I saw Big Tone's (see links below) post. Then it finally clicked.

 I guess to answer this question, we need to first understand that I have mental health issues and one of those is OCD. Due to this, I routinely change my displays (which can be a pain) and therefore the way I display changes often. The last configuration I loved and planned to keep but when I had to move my bedroom to the collection room, that obviously went out the window. On a side note due to me changing displays all the time, I have yet to experience the dreaded dust dilemma lol.

 Currently most of my collections are still waiting o be redisplayed lol. I have most of my mst important displays in my room (minus Vintage Happy Meal, some misc items, MOTU and Star Wars.) My displays, with the exception of misc shelves, are done by themes or collections. Like vintage GiJoe and Corps are together, Corps has its own shelf with my only Kong set (Sam Jackson). GIJOE is in a display, Transformers have  most of a bookcase, etc. Misc shelves can have themes as well like my MY Little Pony n' friends shelf or my vintage Misc shelf. When themes are together, they can be misc as well. Examples include my Autobot shelf with Transformers from all different  shows and lines. My Nick Turtles shelf has McD toys, megabloks, the PlayMates figures, and other misc things.

 In short I would say that I display my collections in various ways that make sense, at least to me. I haven't included images for a few reasons. 1) not finished yet, 2) plan to do some focused posts like I did with My Little Pony N' Friends, and 3) a new collection video is coming.

 Oh one last thing, a few bookshelves are in my room, but not all the rest are in boxes or in the living room. I turned my old bed room into a DC and Star Wars display room and currently it needs a lot of work lol.

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  1. New challenge for Round Robin has been posted! Have fun!


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