This one was difficult for me because I have lost so much over the years. At first was like I can just rebuild, just grab Kara's toys. Then I realized no I would be devastated due to the past. So what do I grab? This is hard. I'd obviously grab one of Kara's balls with a bell in it and catnip toy (probably a pumpkin as those 2 are my favorites) but if I find them quick enough, what of mine? I love my Ariel display but no I think I would grab a Wal-Mart bag or trash bag and get all that I could in the one minute time span that this challenge gives us.
I would start here with my vintage area:
 Then I'd grab my Beast Wars and Go-Bots!
 Than I'd get whatever I could from my Castle Destro display!
The only reason I did not mention Kara is because in the challenge, pets are mentioned as obvious and this was after you rescue them.

That is it for this week and by the way, the winner last week was Tony over at 2 Minute Toy Break so he got to pick out the challenge this week and it was a good one.

Brother Midnight over at Green Plastic Squirt Gun would save my favorite Universal monster (and am jealous that he owns this awesome figure!

Mr. Smith's Plastic Bubble would save a lot of Transformers among other things!

You'll notice that my collection room looks different, yeah I did an overhaul recently and still am working on it, will do a new video or take pics when done (which would you prefer another video with info or pics?). I also will take pics once Castle Destro is done. Also many of the toys in these pics I have just bought and will be in a future toy haul post!


  1. I probably should have gone after some of my pets toys too :( btw Love that castle Destro set up!

    1. I only remembered because Kara loves that ball lol. Yeah close-ups on that gijoe set up coming soon.

  2. Hard choices to make. As collectors, we love our stuff. everything you leave behind is leaving a childhood friend

    1. Yep, even after typing that I was like what about my Jakks Star Wars big figs or my imaginext or.... lol

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely would not leave them, they are one of my grails that I've found lol


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