Hi I'm Alexis and I have a problem.... I say this because here is another of my 
I got everything for less than $25 all together I believe and it i from 3 trips!
 Let's start with Disney shall we? Anna and Elsa are just mini figures but the Elsa in the middle can come out of her dress!
 Belle is riding a horsie and the dog toy from Burger King is from Oliver and company I believe. I never saw that movie. Robin Hood is from McDonalds. The Queen is a tsum tsum from Jaks Pacific. Sadly Ariel is missing her hand 😾
 I kept leaving this but then I discovered that it is from the extremely Goofy movie.
 Cinderella, Tangled lizard, frog, and Aurora
Bullseye and graduation Tigger!
 I also found another Animal Kingdom toy.
This is him opened.
Even more goodies including Flintstones, Spider-Man, Vintage HotWheels, and more after the jump!

 Found an Equestria Girl Happy MEal and another Happy Meal Pony (Pinkie Pie!)
 Clifford, a Rainforest cafe Croc, a penguin, and Blue! 
Is that Kissyfur next to Clifford and the croc? I'm not sure! No He is not, any idea who he could be?
 4 Jurassic World Battlesaurs!
 Lots of Littlest Pet Shops!
 Eraser Dino, Courage, Wile E., Zelda, and Sly Fox?
 Scorchio and a Pokemon!
 The slimed girl goes with that MIB alien I found last time, a sarcophagus from night of the museum that will be placed in that ruins playset, Rohan from Mystic Knights (was excited to find him), and a McDonalds monster! 
 craft deco
 Pilgrim, mini fig, Gold Ranger, X-Wing, and Pokemon toy
 The King! 
Little known fact, I was the Burger King in the Georgia region for a small time! No commercials but I was in the paper and newsletter!
 Joker car and Batman.
 Even though its a happy meal toy, this has to be my favorite Joker ever, look at that face sculpt!
 Mermaid, cloak, mermaid, and girl. I love mermaids btw!
 Accessories for scenes, all but the two cakes are for my GIJOE and ruins scenes!
 Imaginext cop, Imaginext armor, and pirate from Jake and the Neverland pirates!
 More accessories for ruins!
 Vintage Blue Tonka truck and green McDonalds Tonka truck!
 Glow-in-the-dark monster
 I've been tempted to get a Dinotrux for some time,so when I saw one that I could put in a $2.99 bag? I grabbed him up!
 These excited me greatly! Power Morpher (I think I paid 99 cents for it) and a SPD ranger figurine!
 I loved the Animorphs so I was excited to find this kids meal one.
 Its Cassie! Maybe I'll find the transformers ones again someday or the rest of these.
 I needed Prime, so I threw him in the bag, I also found this vehicle!
 A Targetmaster! A freaking targetmaster!
I couldn't believe my luck until the next visit....
 Monster High magnet.
 Transformers happy meal toy.
 Ok, so thanks to Goodwill my haunted house is near complete! 🙀
I showed the three I had now I have 4 and need only 3 more!
 Care Bears Burger King clips!
 Small Soldiers kids meal.
 Need the Garfield this came with but I found Odie!
 Yet another Transformer toy that is from McDonalds.
 McDonalds Greedy
 Lucy and Woodstock Zamboni
 And Sally. 2 more and one accessory and then I am finished with these!
 Lego Robin, Peter Parker, and Veronica happy meal toys!
 Oh Oh Birdie better look out for Kara!
 I was ecstatic finding this raft!
 Now Peter can stand!
 2 more Pokemon figures!
 A rescue rangers McDonald's piece!
 An Elf and Santa!
 A Clifford eraser.
 Animals! The buffalo is Sleich!
 Christmas decos.
 Vintage HotWheels car, and I think it might be my oldest toy now as it is from 1979! That car is one year younger than me! 🙀
I got the other car cause it looked cool.
 Various accessories!
 A Gumby girl!
 A couple of balls!
 Hero Illustrated magazine that I forgot to show off in the last toy haul!
 An old My Little Pony video that came with the toys in mid 2000!
 Christmas book!
 Pound Puppies book!
 I saved the best ones for last!
200X Casey and Shredder and a Donnie!
 Imaginext Bane, Joker and Nightwing!
 And finally, we come to the Marvels!
New Goblin, Black Spider-Man, Sandman, and Venom from the awful Spider-Man 3 film (but the figures look great!)
A mini Spider-Man, a Hulk, and Hiro!
Little known fact Big Hero Six is based on a Marvel comic book that starred Sunfire!
The cool thing is this old Batman flight pack fits on Spidey!

Well, thats it for now. I hope you liked this post, seems like these posts are well liked!


  1. I found out that I never find good toys at goodwill here because a guy who is a scalping reseller at the fleemarket has paid off an employ and most of the good toys go directly into his shopping cart 3 times daily :( I need to move to Indiana!

    1. That sucks :( I wish there was a way to stop him.

  2. Damn!Great stuff!I'm pretty sure that orange Go Bot Is vintage,are the other two?

    1. Yes all 3 are vintage, however Dozer is from series 1 and therefore all metal, and the others are from later series.


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