Out of nowhere Imaginext started releasing figures based on the classic Power Rangers last year! I picked up every figure (but none of the zords or "big"figures like Goldar/Rita) that I could get as I love the classic Power Rangers.
Then they came out with the White Ranger. The White Ranger was Tommy Oliver's second costume (he was also the Green Ranger!) and the only way to get him as far as I know is with his zord, so I got it.
The figure is a typical Imaginest figure. His arms move and both legs move when moved and his head moves to! HE comes with Saba and it looks pretty good. Unlike the dragon dagger that comes with Green Ranger (and looks more like the Sword of Darkness due to size imo), the over sizeness of Saba works. They do this because this is a preschool line so I understand.
The Tigerzord is awesome! I had the original Tigerzord back in the day, so this is pretty cool. I am glad that he is my first zord in this line. I say first as I do plan to get the Dragonzord whenever I can afford it as not only is it cool with lights and sounds (which Tigerzord does not have) but the Green Ranger in it has the chest shield on him. Tigerzord shoots missiles.
Here is the Green Ranger that came with the Pink Ranger, next to the White Ranger. They look pretty cool together.
I did this for fun during the photoshoot. Here you can see the missile. My only gripe is that the missile and cannon are so big and the Tigerzord DID NOT HAVE IT! However this is such a small gripe as the rest of it is not only accurate, but cool.
People have asked me why did Imaginext do the original team? My only guess would be that it is due to the upcoming movie. I would not be surprised if we see Imaginext versions of the new movie next year. I hope we do honestly, but we will have to wait until Toy Fair to see.
I hope they do not stop releasing them. In fact I hope they give us some more monsters to fight the zords as we only have Goldar thus far and I might have to get him someday.
In any case, at least we now have all seven of the classic Power Ranger costumes. It is so cool having them all.
This is every unique character thus far released except for Finster (who I have not been able to force myself to buy yet as he is so yuck lol even though he does come with a show accurate Rita.)

After so many posts of hauls and everything else, I hope you enjoyed me going back to basics with this review.


  1. That is a nice collection.Who would have thought that they were going to become so popular.They have that movie coming out,too.

    1. I love that they are so popular! Bandai is now doing waves of all the PR teams in 6 inch scale! It is pretty cool and all began with the MMPR 5 inch line doing so well recently at TRU and WalMart.

      Movie wise, I am both excited and scared as hell lol.


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