Before I start this, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and using a spider character in this qualifies this as the last post of 31 days of Halloween and it was rough but I feel like I have acomplished something. So from now on enjoy 3 or so posts a week from me. Also I am exhausted so I will post the last Halloween Special Review Weekend post later this week (yes there is one more!).
Now  onto:

  It is time once again for the weekly Pop Culture League challenge from Cool and Collected!
 This week is

"Cast your Ballot!

Pop culture presidents."
 I was racking my brain on who would be a good president. My first thought was the one known as the boyscout:
  The only problem? He is an immigrant and you need to be US born.
My next thought was The fastest man alive Flash. Sure Barry tries to do good, but would he really be a good president? No but I think he'd be a great vice president!
 No the choice is simple,
 I mean who else is perfect? He has learned from his mistakes and knows how to compromise and get his policy through (webs anyone?) plus he has a great message: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Kids!

 I purposely skipped Captain America!

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  • Cassie at Cassie's Library has a berry good answer and makes me think our future would be berry brite!


  1. I thought about doing Captain America for my choice, but realized with how he is being written currently in the comic that I would best leave that alone. I do think you made a good selection because the character have evolved into a great person and could be a great leader for our country!

    1. Thank You and I agree, Peter has evolved very much in the years and would be able to run our country. I also agree that with what they are doing with him, Cap is a bad choice currently.

  2. I wouldn't have thought about choosing Spiderman but you may have sold me with the "Great power,great responsibility" slogan.

    1. Yep :) , Who better? Not to mention he is good at dealing with impostors (Clones) No matter what is thrown at him, he will always triumph to gwt America great!

  3. thanks for leaving Cap for me. as far as the current storyline goes...I'm calling poor writing and shenanigans. what they are doing is akin to retconning it to Peter Parker plotting his Uncle Ben's murder so that he could spend more time with Aunt May. Goes against everything the character stands for.

    1. YW and I agree but it annoys me so much that is why I stayed away from him :) And we all know that is not true, Peter Parker didn't murder Uncle Ben, that was Steve Rogers.

      This message was paid for by Spider-Man.


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