This week I decided to do my favorite Halloween Restaurant premiums. The main reason is I ran out of Halloween ones that I own and wanted to keep this article weekly!

 #10: Ghostbusters! from McDonalds
 There was supposedly another set with toys, but these are not the ones I had.
No, I had the school supplies set. My favorites were the eraser, the notepad, and the slimer pencil topper. I think this happy meal is the very reason I just had to have the new Ghostbusters erasers that I saw at Wal-Mart as I now have a new GB Symbol eraser, but I still need that Slimer pencil topper again and would love to run across that notepad someday.
I still regret not getting Dracula at Goodwill. I saw this one and the one from the sequel at the same time and was like I don't need both. At the time I was not amassing a huge Restaurant premium collection yet. Also I absolutely love this movie series!
 # 8:
I only need 2 now from this series. Well technically 3, but I have no interest in having the Frankie glasses. I have found all but the glasses, werewolf, and blob at Goodwill! I think these just look so much better than the ones from the first movie. Gotta love Mabel on the bike!
# 7:
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Ok I won't say it again but I had one of these figures from Burger King as a kid and would love to add any of them to my collection. They were double sided and when turned around, it was another character from Beetlejuice. Crap!

# 6:
McDonalds candy despensers.
 I forgot to get a picture, but I have featured the 4 I have on this blog recently. These are cool because you pop up the mask to reveal the character from McDonalds like a mcnugget!
 # 5A
 # 5B,
 # 5C:
The greatest part of Halloween as a kid were these pails. I was hoping to find one this year at Goodwill but no luck. I do plan to buy this year's pail on the first though (Peanuts). Though if I ever find any of these at Goodwill or a thrift store, i'd buy any, my main goal is the witch or ghost ones! I had to put these on the list as any kid of the 80s remembers these!
 # 4:
These guys are pretty cool and I have none, though I do have most of the candy despenser wave. They remind me of an earlier McDonald's promotion that had Looney Tunes dressed up as members of the Justice League!
 # 3: I have to say any of the Burger King Simpsons kids meal figures are on this list, but I love Kang and Kudos (?) so much. So that is why I chose this wave's image.
 # 2:
 There were 2 Halloween waves, but this is the one that I had and they were so cool. They are on this list as like the pails, most 80s/ 90s kids remember these.
# 1:
These figures were odd for a free toy. They had great likenesses and had 5 poa and were awesome! I miss my set so much! These are my all time favorite on this list so are # 1!

*All images are from Ebay!

Sadly, I do not have most of these but I have to say they are all so great premiums and needed to be put on this list!


  1. I keep hoping to come across the Murray the mummy

    1. I'll keep an eye out for you as I have the one from the second movie so if I find another I'll send him your way, even if it is the one from the first movie.

  2. I personally want all of the McNugget toys, not just the Halloween ones. I remember them so fondly and so well. Great list and interesting to see things you really want!


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