Brother Midnight and I did another trade,. When the packaged arrived and I opened it, I was shocked! There was so much goodness in it! Brother Midnight spoiled me.
 I  mean look at all this nostalgia goodness!
Wait is that a Spidey? So let's take a look at the goodies!
 First up, we have a couple of smurfs. These are very small and so cute. I mean look at Handy!

EDIT: I accidentally confused these Smurfs with what Brother Midnight sent, in reality I got these at Goodwill the day before! They had accidentally been placed in the box, I caught a few others but not these 2.

 Here are some pretty small Marvel Heroes!
 Captain America!
 Doctor Doom (sorry for the blurry image)!
 Silver Surfer!
 And my favorite Avenger: Thor!
 This is a mini Joker and think e will fight in with my others in this style!
 A blue power ring!
 A group of Shopkins! I collect these so I was ecstatic!
 Especially upon finding this one! i really wanted this vacuum and now I own her!
 A few awesome Simpsons Legos.
 Zod will be causing mischief for my League in the 3 3/4 DC display!
 This is just so awesome! Thank yu so much Brother Midnight! Inque here was a Burger King (BK) premium but thats not what is so cool about this bendy! She is a Batman Beyond  villianess, thats right I finally have a baddie for Terry!
 Count Fabulous and Draculaura!
 Fankie and Wazzit! The pets are being added to my doll display as I had no mini forms of them, the two figurines will join my Lagoona!
 My favorite GPK, Adam Bomb! OMG i cannot say how excited I was to get him.
 Don't know this guy (but I was just at F.Y.E. with Cassie and we saw a modified version of this design for Hillary Clinton. They also had a GPK for the Donald! I love this guy and I will be adding it to my Halloween decos and then in November, it goes in my Funko display!
 Funko Batman!
 This Funko mystery mini Ariel will never see the Funko shelf, she will join her other "Arel's" on my Little Mermaid shelf in my living room!
 An Imaginext Joker! Whats funny is I have many Imaginext figures but I only had one DC figure in the line (Man-Bat) now Joker can team with him to face
 Imaginext Superman!
 Captain Cavemaaaaaaaaaaaan! I needed this guy as I have Dino, Fred, Rosie, and Yogi from this wave! Now I think I have completed the Flintstones in this scale.
The one thing today that I have no clue to where it is from, but it is so cool.

UPDATE: This cool bug creature is the Runt Zurb Guard and he came with Princess Whats Her Name in Playmates' Earthworm Jim line. Thank You Brother Midnight for steering me in the right direction on identifying him. I knew that he looked like a TMNT accessory and now it makes sense as that line is also by Playmates. I'll probably add him to my TMNT disaplay.

Thanks again Brother Midnight. Tomorrow we will take a break with a random image but Saturday we take a look at the rest of this box. I purposely saved the vintage for last.

To Be Continued.... 


  1. Replies
    1. No you didn't, I got those at Goodwill the day before and must have mixed them up lol. Sorry about that, will be editing that now. Btw where is that purple bug creature from?

    2. lol no problem , thought I was going crazy! That bug guy came with an Earthworm Jim figure.

  2. OOOOH!Lots o toy goodness!Can't wait to see the vintage :)

    1. A mix of vintage and stuff from today will be in Part 2! I loved everything and was shocked by the goodness!

  3. I am so thrilled that you got that Inque figure!!! I know you love your Batman Beyond!!!

    1. ;) Yeah I have to show her to you next time you visit, she is pretty cool!


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