As you know by now, Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) is my favorite Batman, but do you know my favorite Spider-Man? Its none other than the clone of Peter himself, Ben Reilly!
This is why I was so excited to get this Spidey from Brother Midnight. If you look closely, he has Ben's spider insignia so I count it as a cool variant of Ben!
And he's in good company as you can see above (and I have added another Ben since this picture was taken!)
 Lets start with this Marvel Legends figure. Scarlet Spider was the first costume that the clone wore when he returned to New York city. This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Spidey related costumes! I love how simplistically bad it is. I mean a Spidey mask with red tights, visible web shooters, and a hoodie? Awesome! I have no clue why but its just so awesome to me.
Like most, if not all Legends, he came with a lot of different hands to mimic different poses.
This 3 3/4 Spidey is the Ben Reilly Spider-Man costume and is from the 3 3/4 line which has had many names (Marvel Universe, Infinite, and now Legends!)
 For some reason, I forgot to take pics of the 6 inch Marvel Legends Spidey by himself, but here are some of the parts he came with.
 Here he is as Spider-Carnage.
 When I heard this look was available I was ecstatic! In the 90's Toybiz did release a 6 inch version of him and contrary to popular belief it is not based on the fox cartoon series' finale. Spider-Carnage is actually from a Spider-Man story arc in the comics from when Ben was Spidey!
Here is Spider-Carnage next to a 3 3/4 Carnage!
 My  most recent addition to my Ben collection that I bought (as the one Midnight sent me is the newest) would be this crappy Mash Ems version that I found at five below. Five Below is a store like Big Lots but sells things under 5 bucks and get toys. They even got in the Lego Dimensions figures :O Basically anything that is on close-out can appear there.
 I hate this figure because he only came with this ugly hand and its even opened with a slot and looks ugly. I realize that its supposed to be a webbed hand but why not give it to a Peter variant? As far as I know this is the only Ben figure in the Mash Ems line!
 Another issue is obvious. I wish I had noticed it before I bought this figure as they had others and maybe those looked better?
 So that is a look at Ben Reilly Spider-Man. As a kid I remember fondly how much I loved him and how mad I was when he died so with all his appearances in the alternate dimensions recently, I have been happy even though I have read very little as I am not a fan of comics now days (I still enjoy mid 90's and earlier though). It is just nice to know that he is still around, the same for my second favorite Spidey (Miguel AKA 2099!)
Plus to keep it in theme, I used Spider-Carnage and now here is Spidey up against Carnage, Sonic the werehog, and the lame Lizard design from the Spidey Movies! I loved Lizard in that movie, just cannot stand his design (great move Sony on ruining the look of my favorite Spidey villain)!

We are just halfway through this celebration and more is to come!


  1. At some point I am going to have to read the entire "Clone Saga" so I can tell finally where Ben came from. You always talk about him, but I have literally no clue if he is a character I would like. Hmmm, maybe an Alexis Suggests or something Alexis themed posting for Cassie's Library...

    1. Sounds like a plan to me. Honestly I don't think he will be a fav of yours, I honestly don't know why he is mine but he is.


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