Last year during Halloween time I bought this Little Critter book t read but never got around to it. I have no clue why since I finished it in a couple minutes.
 I grew up with Little Critter and am glad I picked up this book. Unlike the ones I grew up with, this one is recent and I got at the local bookstore.
 It has a gimick. Basically they make you think one thing and then once you lift the flap, you see that it is something else entirely.

The book opens with Little Critter and his sister going to a "haunted house." The Haunted house is actually a friend's house decorated for Halloween. There they attend a party.
 Little Critter keeps running into monsters, or does he?
Nope, they are just his friends in costumes.

I loved this book and it had a great message as well. It was basically to not judge a book by its cover or it could have been not to be scared of monsters on Halloween as they are just people in costumes. Either way it is close to the same thing. I say this because if you judge a book by its cover then when you see say a zombie, your terrified but if you pay attention then you realize that it is just a person in a costume!
 I recommend this book too anyone who like Little Critter, children's books, or has a young child as I thought it was a great book! I give it 5 out of 5 Pumpkins because for what it is (a children's book) it was perfect in my opinion.

Even more reviews coming as 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN kicks into high gear! Also a review of a few stories from "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark III" is coming soon!


  1. Always loved Little Critters and this one sounds awesome! Love the flap reveals. Decent book and great job on your first real book review!!

    1. It was pretty cool. The flaps were also a nice touch, simple but effective and thanks!

  2. Little Critter kind of creep me out lol are the rats.. ground hogs...the thought of that alone drive me crazy xD

    1. lol, I think they are pretty cute actually :) Besides Disney and Looney Tunes are just as bad if you truly think about it lol


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