This will be a quick one I think. So, Tsum Tusms which originated in Japan I beliee, have become huge here. So much so that Warner/ DC have their own version which look like blocks. I have gotten some of the vinyl blind bags but so far I have only bit on two plush:
 Ariel and Sebastian. I am a HUGE fan of the Little Mermaid and these two were added to that shelf after I bought them
 I still need to get Flounder and then I'll have the 3 wide released ones (other characters were made but are exclusives)
 I might get a character or 2 of the Star Wars ones but other than the blind bags I doubt I'll get many more of these. I like the blind bag vinyl figures do to the accesories thhat make displays but honestly I'm not a huge fan of tsum tsums.
I want Flounder and as said might grab one or two of the Star Wars plush, but even at only 5 bucks a piece they just don't speak to me that often. Don't get me wrong I love my Ariel and Sebastian, its just the design just isn't my thing for characters that don't have some kind of pull with me. Beliee me I'll buy a Drarkwing Duck Tsum Tsum if they ever made one :)

Well, like I said pretty short one today. I'll be back with even more articles soon.