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 Today I thought that I would take a look at Lanard's Corps Faction Face-Off Puma v. Diesel 2-pack. Like all recent Corps series, these are exclusive to Wal-Mart in the states.
This time around, they have released them in 2-packs rather than 3 packs and they are $4.00 apiece.
 The back, like other series is generic and shows the characters in the line.
 As already said, this is a Wal-Mart Exclusive!
 Since I bought it for Puma, I will be brief on Diesel. He looks like a surfer dude, which might be the point since he is a part of the Corps' seas team.
HE has basic articulation at the arms, legs, etc and the paint aps are decent. HE will be added to my JOE display as another hero, but like I said, he's not why I bought this pack.
So the Corps has been around since at least the 90s (maybe sooner). I have fond memories of getting them from time to time, not because they were cheap but because they made good unnamed Joes. Anyway, they never made any females that I know of, that is until last year. Puma here and Snake-Bite were released in 3 packs, but I could not spend $7 on 2 figures and a generic motorcycle that I could careless about, so I kept passing on them. Sometimes it took me 10-20 minutes to not get them, that is how much I wanted the girls. Fast forward to the first, I found them both in 2-packs, but so far this is the only one I bought (I have bought other corps figures but this is the only 2-pack).
 What can I say? She's awesome. She has the same articulation but her legs are better articulated. She is the same exact mold as Snake-Bite (except for the head) from what I can tell.
 Diesel's weapons were gray and hers the darker color, so she came with a crossbow.
 As well as two knives.
 As you can see, they ridiculously gave her heels like they do in the movies.
 She also came with a gun, but here's what's cool.
 Its removable!
 I thought that was cool.
 After getting her, it makes me want Snake-Bite even more now. What's odd is Snake-Bite's head makes me feel she should be evil and Puma should be good.
 What's even funnier is that the "CURSE", the villains in the "CORPS" line, have a skull as their symbol. Although I do not have any yet, I think she will fit right in with the DREADKNOKS.
 So yeah, spending 4 bucks to get one character is not bad at all and I highly recommend her to any G.I.Joe collector.
So that's it for today, even more articles coming up next week!


  1. I love both the corps girls. Iv been getting the corps figures since the mid 80's and the girls are by far the best they have released.

    1. Judging by Puma, I would have to agree with you. Also, Puma gives me this vintage kind of feel that the current guys do not have.

  2. I have yet to pick this set up but Wil probably this weekend.I don't mind the deep sea diver at all actually.

    1. I don't either, just never woulda bought him otherwise. I plan to add him to my Joe display and have him with my Joes attacking "Castle Destro".(which is a Imaginext Medieval castle), funny fact I made Castle Destro before I even saw your Castle Doom, guess great minds... huh? :)


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