It's that time again, the Pop Culture League Challenge. This week's challenge is:

"House of Wax

The local Wax Museum is having a fire sale and you have the opportunity to add a life-size, life-like action figure to your collection. Who do you choose?"
What do I choose? This is a hard one for me because there are many that I would love to have. Maybe Mikey?
How great would it be to have a life-sized Michelangelo as the centerpiece of the room?
Maybe it could be Tommy of the Power Rangers?
He could protect my room. Or maybe He-Man or Lion-o?

Nah, if you follow my blog you know I have a love for frogs.
And although not a frog, there is an amphibian that i want in my collection but has as of yet alluded me... An Eryops. This is an ancient amphibian that looked like a cross between a frog and a salamander and is a favorite of mine for some reason!
Image By Dmitry Bogdanov - dmitrchel@mail.ru, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3158657

 So if I could get a wax figure, it would be of the Eryops.
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Oh and this post marks the first with my Halloween background, which I got at the Dollar Tree last year. Here it is in its entirety:


  1. Never heard of an Eryops, but it did bring out the toy researcher in me. Looks like there were some toys produced if you wanted one in general...Not necessarily cheap though.


    1. P.S. Check out the last image in this post!


    2. Yeah not cheap, but just might be worth it. Never knew they had realistic versions of it out there. I only knew of a plush or two that I'd seen on Amazon. Also TY so much for choosing my blog as one that you played with the logos.

    3. Yeah, twenty bucks seems a bit steep.

      No worries. It was fun to design. In response to your comment on my page, yes, please feel free to use it. It would be an honor.

  2. I thought for sure It'd be Kermit ;)

    1. Well, what can I say, I like to keep people guessing :P

      Oh btw ty for the article on the wrestler with chair from Dollar Tree. I finally picked it up after looking at it for months because of your article. I'll be posting about it to soon. Unfortunately no package pics :( mine came out to blurry :(

    2. NP,glad I could be of assistance ;)

  3. I may have had a plastic dinosaur of him when I was in my younger days

  4. I was thinking of the Turtles, but couldn't decide on which one I would want in my chill cave?

  5. Eryops looks like it could be vicious!


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