Today I thought I would show off my small Star Wars display.

Here is shot of the wall.
 The 5 cardboard decos here were at Target last winter and were only a buck a piece!
 Here is a 3-D poster (I have 2) that came in a blind bag with a mini comic and a card. They are from the original Star Wars marvel comic! The MArvel Age is printed off my computer.
 I love this poster.
 Another picture I printed off my computer and the other 3-d mini poster. Thank goodness they were different when I bought that second pack I was concerned lol.
 These are window decals that I got at Target last Halloween!
 Wooden decorations of the Millennium Falcon and the cast of Star Wars. Probably the most expensive items in the wall display! That Santa Yoda stocking was Kara's (my cat) stocking last year. Debating if I'll reuse it or get her a new one this year.
 Halloween Lightsaber, Halloween Darth Vader mask, Storm Trooper keychain, and Stormtrooper Halloween mask all of them were purchased at Target!
 Star Wars sticker that were a birthday gift, 3-d glasses that came with the blind bags that had the mini posters, and a Jello mold tray set.
 The crew! I looked at most of these this week. Rey with BB-8, Prototype Boba, Sandtrooper with Speeder Bike, and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise all from Star Wars Black.Captain Phasma, Obi-Wan, and Rey from Galactic Heroes, Rancor, Stormtrooper, Ashoka, Aayla, and a villianess from Indina Jones is about to be devoured by the rancor! Oh and R2 there is a candy dispenser!
 Obi-Wan had fallen so took this after I noticed.
 A 90's titanium (?) ship
 A miniature clone trooper.
 The bottom level of the Star Wars display!
 A Force Awakens pillow!
  Two tins (Vader, Stormtrooper) in the middle though hard to make out is a Darth Vader candy holder!
Campbell's soup and Micro Machines!
 Look at the "Hero ships"
 Here are the "Villain Ships"
 A Close-up of my Micro Machine figures!
 Now for the random stuff! Stormtrooper guarding display!
 Phasma and giant Stormtrooper are on the guard here!
 Darth Maul guards my collection room entrance,
 While Inquisitor and Vader guard my actual entrance!
Well, that was a look at my Star Wars display. I hope you enjoyed this. More Star Wars action is still to come!


  1. Thats impressive ! I have a good number of star wars figures from grab bags and trades from over the years but Im ...ummm ..cough..not a real fan of the movies :o I mean I like them well enough but Im way more into like the Dark Crystal and Nightmare before Christmas then I am Star Wars.

    1. Ironically this is my old Star Wars display. After a purchase I made on Monday I had to rehaul it. I got the First Order Tie Fighter for the 3 3/4 figures and it is a monster! I'll be showing it off on Friday along with hopefully Force Friday purchases.

      I used to have a lot more but when I left SF, only the 3 3/4 girls and huttling made it here, all the rest was mostly bought in the last year! I also realize that many people don't care for SW though odd to see a collector saying it. Never saw the Dark Crystal, but a HUGE fan of Labyrinth! Also love Nightmare in fact I will be taking a look at the Reaction Jack and Sally figures in October.


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