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So around the first, I went to two Dollar Trees and got a decent haul. I spent at least $15 at each one, which is unusual for me. Before I begin, the book and Micro Machine Star Wars set were not bought at Dollar Tree, those were used to lift everything up (in fact I use the Star Wars box quite a bit. Also Not pictured are the food, seasonings, and misc decorations that I decided not to show off, hence wht this is not $30 worth of stuff.

First Up:
 Thanks to Big Tone over at Toy Break, I decided to pick up "Lame-o" as I call him.
 As You can see, he is a stupid knockoff of a wrestler.
 He is super cheap and definitely not even worth the dollar, but he is not why I got him. I bought him for the accessory!
 In fact I have been eyeingg this pack for quite some time but wasn't sure if the chair worked. That is until I saw Big Tone's article.
 As you can see, it opens! Now that is surprising for a Dollar toy accessory!
 Also, though a little big, it does work for 3 3/4 figures as you can see here. The Corps figures are shown for scale and were bought at Wal-Mart.
I am not a fan of the Simpsons these days, I did love the older episodes and still enjoy Treehouse of Horror yearly. However I am a huge fan of Bartman for some reason. It might be just the fact that he is a parody of Batman. So, i was thrilled to find this.
 He is just a figurine with no moving parts, but for a buck, he is quite detailed.
 I am very happy to add him to my shelf.
Here is a look at the rest of the family.
Now for the few decorations that I decided to show.
 I love Halloween and buy some of my decorations at Dollar Tree, as it is a great place to get stuff cheap and thats always great for someone on a limited income like myself. Last year i bought the Glow-In- The-Dark Snakes (which some are in my G.I.Joe display) and almost bought the GID Scorpions for my G.I.Joe display but decided on these instead.
Yep, GID bats, which go well with my bigger GID bat. My favorite is crooked wing (lol) due to how he was packaged in the packaging.

I also found some 3-d items, but this particular one caught my eye because they had it in two varieties,
 A magnet and a picture.
 This candy box will be in my Halloween display probably with my Reation figures.
 I think it is pretty cool.
 Especially how it has little details like DJ Bones' playlist.
 It is cute but also gives a little bit of an eerie feeling somehow.
 Here is an aerial view of it.
Ironically at the second Dollar Tree i saw it in 3 sizes, this is the medium size.
I saved the best item for last! Slime! I have seen the GID b4 (and needed more as the one I got years ago has gone bad), but I had never seen this blue one before. So, glad to add it!
Look at that slimy goodness!
Well, thats it for this post, much more coming soon including Erasers! Plus I plan to talk more about slime in a future post!


  1. Iv bought a few of the cheapo wrestlers just for the chair. Im collecting different slimes in those barrels so I can make a scale toxic waste dump lol

    1. Sounds cool. I have a good selection of colors myself now. (GID, green, black, blue, and purple from ghostbusters.)

  2. Yes!I was just gonna say those barrels are awesome!They'd go great with a TMNT dio.The candy box Is pretty cool ,too.

    1. I love the box, plan to buy more. I have my slime barrels (minus my Ghostbusters one) in my TMNT display!


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