Today we are taking a look at Last Year's Star Destroyer playset from Micro Machines! One of the greatest things to come from The force Awakens (other than a great film and more) was the return of a favorite line of mine! I wish they had released cars and boats from today like the old line but the return of SW micro Machines was still great!
 The box looks great and very reminiscent of classic Micro Machines if memory serves right.
 The back shows off what the playset can do!
 Closed up it is a great display piece all by itself! This is a great sized Star Destroyer and you don't need to like Micro Machines to appreciate this sculpt. No paint but looks great!
 Once you open it, you see the beauty inside. There are stickers and are very tricky to place especially with a shaky hand. I say that cause I was so nervous I shook the whole time!
 It came with what you see here. An X-Wing fighter, Kylo Ren, and a Tie Fighter. The inside looks just like a star destroyer and is pretty cool.
There were also blind bags (and still are able to be found everywhere) so you can add a whole micro world like I did here. My favorites thus far are the Dewback and Wampa and I found them both in blind packs!
 In the back, you can open it  yp to show a corridor. In full disclosure, I did NOT find Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker in blind packs, but in a $10 pack. To my knowledge, the figures were only available in the $10 sets, playsets, and a TRU box set! oh and I forgot the outside does have paint at the end for the engines.
Sadly, There has not been any new product since Force Friday last year except for series 2 of the blind bags. Also everywhere seems to be clearancing them off, I got this Star Destroyer at TRU for a good price! I hope we'll see more this Friday but I doubt it. I wish Micro Machines had done better but you never know it might be back again someday after all the force is strong with this line :)

 I wish though that Mattel had put out not only modern vehicles but some DC ones would have been great. I still regret not buying the set from the 89 movie that I found opened awhile back ago :( I know if I find the Star Trek ones from the 90s I'll jump on those lol. Hope you enjoyed this look at Micro Machines and remember as John Moschitta Jr. (Blurr from The Transformers) once said "If it doesn't say Micro Machines, it's not the real thing!" 


  1. Im glad micro machines are back! Im hoping for a wider variety then when is currently out.

    1. Me to. I just hope they aren't already done with them at Hasbro


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