Time for even more fast food premiums! This time, we're getting dangerous (ok maybe I don't have any Darkwing Duck figures on this round-up but I got Disney!)

First up is a figure that I had as a kid (in fact I had all 4, and now have 2) Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Donald. They pulled back I believe but this one no longer works.
 M-I-C- SEE YOU REAL SOON K-E-Y WHY? BECAUSE WE LIKE YOU. M-O-U-S-EEEE. Couldn't resist. This Mickey Mouse is a good size and was in Happy Meals within the last ten years or so. It is Mickey Mouse from the House of Mouse cartoon series!
 Baloo here is one of two Baloos I have and also one of two Tale Spin's. After some research, I have discovered that these were from McDonald's. I also have Kit, which I'll show another time.
 Gus Gus here is not a Happy Meal toy at all. Cheater! He was one of two Cinderella mice ornaments from McDonalds. The strange thing is I had this one and both Little Mermaid ones but not the other mouse.
 Tick-Tocck. Look out Hook. Not really. This was from a recent Happy Meal and he's not in my Disney display but my Joe display, so why is he here? Technically he is Disney! Croc here is from the Disney Animal Kingdom and his hjaw opens to. I really love the detail.
I did not have this one as a kid, but I did have the other three I believe. This is the owl from Bambi and was at McDonalds!
 This was given to me long before I started collecting Happy Meal toys, I also got Flower from Bambi and Kronk from Emperor's new groove from the same person. I know very little about Recess, but I know that this hockey player is from it and McDonalds!
 So if you saw my haul post you saw that huge pile of future to be spotlighted happy meal toys. Pumbaa here was not only one of them but is one of four (there were six or eight released) Lion King II Simba's Pride plushs from McDonalds that I found and bought. I loved that series and enjoy what I've seen of the Lion Guard TV series!
 Also from my Toy Haul post you also saw this image:
 Cloak from the Wild was the thin package. I have not seen the movie but love animals so picked him up to add to my Disney Happy Meals shelf!
 Last up is one of two Happy Meal Little Mermaid toys that I have. Ironically out of the two that I have (and out of all 4 from the set) this is the one figure I did NOT have as a kid. I almost featured Flounder here instead but decided Ariel should be featured first. I will say, that I am NOT a fan of her face sculpt. :(
 Well that's it for this installment, looks  like there will be at least one during October as I have found quite a few Halloweeny kids meal toys! However for more regular kids meal toys, be here in November when I return to non Halloween stuff. Also looks like these posts will now be featuring ten instead of four! :)