Dick Tracy

  Wow 3 posts in one day! Probably should have spaced them out. well to late for that.
The first time (I believe) that I went to Goodwill here, I found these two. I had them both but have no clue where we got them when I was a kid. They are from the Touchstone Pictures film Dick Tracy.
It had a pretty good cast (including Madonna!) I loved it as a kid. I even had at least two of the action figures (Dick Tracy and flattop I believe), but we never did find the Blank.
These pvcs were pretty detailed.
after some research, I discovered that there were 7.
I had 4: dick Tracy (as seen here, holding agun), Prune Face , and not pictured as I do not have them yet: Flattop and Madonna. The other 3 included Pachino's character, someone that I do not recognize, and another Tracy (looking at his watch)
These were by applause and came out in 1990.
which wasthe same time as the movie (June 1990) which is odd as I could have sworn it was 1989!
Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane1 You might have noticed no back ground, that is because I found the old pictures that I thought were on my broken computer! So expect a variety of these pictures from the summer and current ones, but that also means more articles ;)

COMING SOON! Something scary to tell in the dark or at least some Halloween related books that I currently have!


  1. Never seen these guys before,I love the Playmates figures though.

  2. Yeah the Playmates figures were great, I remember dick Tracy fighting alongside He-Man and the Thundercats in my imagination. these were a part of my PVc addiction as a kid. I can't tell yopu how many Disney/smurfs/and rainbow brite pvs/figurines that I had as a kid :)


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