As part of MOTU week, I have decided to spotlight my newest additions to my Masters collection.  I skipped the stuff in this post that I had as a kid in Vintage Childhood so that I could spotlight them here. Recently, a friend went to the Indiana comic con and I baby sat their pets. In return, he picked me up some things. 2 of those were not Masters and have either already been spotlighted or will be, the rest were Masters! One of which was already in my collection (Buzz-Off) but was part of a three pack that included two of my most loved figures.
 Here are all of my new additions! (Minus Lyn's Comic).
 ROBOTO (1985)
This robot from the planet Robotica is from one of only 3 episodes that I actually remembered watching in the 80s. The other two were the pilot (Diamond Ray of disappearance) and the blind episode (Not So Blind). He is pretty cool and has to be a favorite now as an adult. Being able to see his gears and all is pretty sweet!
 STONEDAR (1986)
One of two rock warriors, these guys have been "grails" for years so much so that when my friend found him, she knew she had to get him. Now I just need Rokkon. Stonedar is the leader of the rock warriors and wise.
 EVIL LYN (1983)
I'll be brief as I mentioned her just a few weeks ago (where I mispelled her name as well). Lets just say that getting her was great!

_____________________________PRINTED MATERIALS!_______________________________
Like most of the toys, the mini comic that Evil Lyn came with DOES NOT feature her at all. Instead it is a tale featuring Man-E-Faces! As a kid I never understood this as why not showcase the figure that you just bought (and many did as I believe this comic did actually come with Man-E-Faces as well). As an adult, I know why. One reason is simple: Save money by packaging the figures with the same comic book. The second reason is just as simple: to advertise the other toys why else? 
 I have the mini comic collection and read this months before receiving the comic BUT  I have been wanting the original mini comics or at least  one of them, so this was a great gift.
I owned only one POP book as a kid and it was the adaption of the Secret of the Sword movie, so I was ecstatic to add this to my collection. This book is interesting. I have not read it but Glimmer's head grows huge and looks funny so I might have to read and review it soon!
This was the first of this series that I got. It adapts three of the Golden books and runs 30 minutes. What is hilarious is after I got this, I have found two (IT IS NOW THREE) others in the Golden series! They aren't MOTU though, they are Hugga Bunch and Pound Puppies (and now Sesame Street!)! I haven't watched it yet and yes I do have a VCR but I'd be buying them anyway to be honest.

That is it for this MOTU week! I hope that you enjoyed it. More exciting stuff to come next week as we return to our 3 day schedule (unless I decide to post extra like I sometimes do!) Monday is the next VOLUME OF VINTAGE CHILDHOOD! See you all then.


  1. Iv always loved roboto , he might have started my love of transparent toys.

    1. Yeah, he was pretty great. Now to think about it I think he was the first transparent toy I ever owned and night have started my love for them as well!

  2. Was it Roboto or Fisto who had the funny sounding voice in the cartoon?

    1. Fisto (Roboto was in one ep but haven't seen it years so don't remember his voice) but Fisto had a weird echo like effect.

  3. Roboto was always one of my fave MOTU toys! I have been on the lookout for an Evil-Lynn for a while now and hope to find one within my budget pretty soon.


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