Welcome to the very first chapter of vintage childhood. The only criteria is that I had to have it as a kid and by kid I mean under 18! Each week (starting in June as May will be sporadic), I Will focus on 5 toys that I not only had as a kid but also now have in my collection once again. So I had to not only have had them as a kid but also have to have them now. 😺


This was and still is my all time favorite version of Mikey! It was so cool as he came with a crab and a surfboard. Unfortunately I have yet to find his surfboard but I did find his crab (before I even got him in a trade with Brother Midnight! lol). On a side not Mikey was my favorite turtle as a kid and still is to this day.


One of my favorite characters from the vintage line. I got this as a gift from a friend just recently. What was even cooler is that even though I Did photograph it, she not only came with her sceptor but also her mini comic! Even though I have them all collected in the hardcover, it is great having one in its original form!


One of my all time favorite joes and the only one I have gotten back. This figure has been returned to my collection thanks to Brother Midnight, you will notice a trend here lol.) I always loved him and have no clue why. Same can be said for my other 3 favorites: Barbecue, Falcon, and Sgt. Slaughter, although Slaughter I Do know why, I got him and some M.U.S.C.L.E.S. the day I got tubes put in my ears..


This dinosaur was actually one of the first (if NOT the FIRST) to be returned to my collection and its thanks to Goodwill (that is also how I have Mikey's crab!) As I have said b4 I only had 3 of the dinos as a kid and I now have them all in my collection. These were precious to me and make me smile every time I look at them.

BRAD TURNER (M.A.S.K., 1985)

One of only 3 M.A.S.K. figures that I had as a kid (the other two were Matt with Thunderhawk and the single carded Miles! I remember how I had them work with the Dino-Riders (as I had alot of them from the 2-packs) and it is neat to have him back.

Well that does it for today and time to once again close up the treasure chest, but more is to come and soon!


  1. Of those I only had Quick Kick as a kid.I loved that figure!

    1. Yeah Quick Kick was awesome! Many more vintage figures are coming! Including more JOES! :)

  2. I had that Mikey! I loved the little sharks that were biting him! Always wanted an Evil Lynn, but have yet to find one for a price I deem appropriate. I got the Brad Turner MASK action figure as a birthday present and luckily still have his bike and helmet. He is one of my figures I will never give up!

    1. Yeah the shatks are pretty cool especially since the sewer is supposedly fresh water and he's covered with salt water critters lol. Yeah a friend of mine lucked out and found her with scepter and comic for a really good price, I was shocked! I got Matt and his Thunderhawk at Showbiz Pizza for my birthday one year but have no clue when I got Brad lol.

  3. Cool lineup. Dino-Riders is something I would have gotten into.

    1. Its a great line and I wish they would bring it back, maybe as Imaginext as that would be affordable lol. (Mattel owns Dino-Rides)


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