This was planned in early June and then July but I decided to just post them now and next week I do plan to continue the 3 day schedule!

Masters Of The Universe is probably one of the toylines that I had the most of as a kid in the 80s (G.I.JOE was the second). As such, it has a huge spot in my heart and I have great memories of it. Sure their are a few lines that I cherish more for various reasons (M.A.S.K., Dino-Riders, and the one I never had as a kid, Glo Friends, but I think Masters will always be one of my all time favorites!) As such and because I had 2 posts I was going to make anyway, I have decided to do Masters of the Universe week! All this week (3 days of Eternian goodness), I will focus mainly on my vintage items.  So get ready for Masters week! First off, an entry in my Vintage Childhood series.

 Time once again but this time, it'll be a little different. Instead of looking at just 5, I decided to do 7!
 BEAST MAN (1982)
First off is Skeletor's lackey Beast Man! I got this figure in a trade with BROTHER MIDNIGHT OVER AT GREEN PLASTIC SQUIRT GUN. I think I have s better connection with him now than as a kid honestly. As an adult I love having Skeletor's flunky with him, as a kid I would have just liked his look. Also I felt he was the best redesigned in the 200X toon so its great having the vintage guy once again.
This was MY favorite Skeletor as a kid. I mentioned this before in my Skeletor spotlight last October, but unlike many figures I actually had a lot of Skeletor (Regular, Battle Armor, Dragon Blaster, and New Adventures). HE-Man was one less as I had Regular, Battle Armor, and New Adventures. No other MOTU or POP character came close and I think only GIJOE characters came close but not hit Skeletor's numbers. I think this shows how great a charcater he truly was, that I could convince my parents to buy me variants. I loved this one the most for his dragon and the water squirting. These days he is still my favorite but because of the design and the dragon of course.
MAN-AT-ARMS (1982)
Duncan is the Man-At-Arms and a very integral part to the collection. He is also the most boring lol. I never understood (and still do not) why he has a mustache in the toon but not the toy. That might be why I feel the way I do as the 200X Duncan looks somilar but he has a mustache and I like him a lot.
STRATOS (1982)
I had him as a kid and think I found him at Goodwill. He has a boring design (in my opinion) but like that he can fly and resembles a flying monkey.
By far one of the coolest designs. Whiplash is a reptile and looks like he can rip you to shreads with his teeth. He was and still is a fav of mine. However in the toon, like most of the villians, he was lame.
ZOAR (1983)
Last of the figures is actually the only vintage beast that I have that I had as a kid Zoar. As a kid I Also had Battle Cat, Panthor, Swift Wind, and Screech. I love having the Sorceress' bird form though find it funny that in some things Zoar is not her but male and in others it is her. As a kid I have no clue if I had it as her but now days I do.
I had all 6 of the 1983 Golden book paper backs as a kid. When I found this at a thrift store (might have been Goodwill but doubt it) in San Francisco I freaked. This was a great addition and although I have not read it since I was a kid, having it once again is awesome!

That's it for vintage childhood this week, but we'll be back next week with even more vintage goodness and stay tuned all week for more Masters week!


  1. My nephews had some of these guys when I was watching them in the afternoons

    1. lol yeah most kids at that time had MOTU figures as it was the big thing then, its a shame that kids no longer care about toys like they once did and care about tech more!


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