When I first decided to do this event, I knew that I had to do a post showcasing my Skeletor's. After all he WAS the scariest looking of the foes of the early 80s!
 Yesterday, I showed you the Dragon Blaster Skeletor that I got at Goodwill Monday! This was my favorite of the Skeletor's that I had (regular, Battle Damage, and Dragon Blaster)!
 Battle Sound Skeletor here has just defeated the Joes trying to enter Castle Destro. Was he confused and thought this was Grayskull? Anyway, Brother Midnight sent him to me in a trade and turns out I had him back when he was first released, I know because he came with a vhs that I watched all the time!
 Classics Skeletor is cool and all, BUT
 he's even cooler if you have Demo-Man to. Demo-Man came with the Alcala (mini-comics) head. If you don't, don't worry as Super 7, the new holders of the MOTU license, are releasing ultimate editions of a few key players, one of which is ol Skelly and he will come with the alcala head!
 New Adventures Skeletor. I had the vintage version as a kid!
 This is my displayed classics Skeletor, but I leave the helmet on him.
 Mini Masters Skeletor from the SDCC set. Later Mini Masters I stayed away from because they were smaller than this set and therefore out of scale. This was in favor of a diorama of grayskull that they included pieces of in each pack. The line was ended soon after and many cited that they did not collect it due to the new size.
 Funko bobble Head Skeletor! I own him and He-Man!
 Next is a new release. It is nice to see MOTU in stores but Megabloks really should have released them as Megabloks and not this crap!
 The other releases available.
 I am not a fan and will probably not buy He-Man!
 My 200x He-Man display!


My Classics He-Man display!

Well, thats a look at Skeletor.
Catch my reviews on Halloween specials later this week!


  1. great collection! Love that Battle lion.

    1. Thanks! I will be doing a video of my entire toy collection in November and although still pictures are hit or miss, videoes are better as the camera i use is a camcorder! I will also do it during day and get a better look at the heroes

      And yeah I'm pretty proud of my Classics collection and love Battle Lion!

  2. I hate hate the megabloks He-Man figure thing. I definitely agree with you on that you should never get that one. Interesting to see all the different Skeletors!

    1. Yeah especially when you realize that up until 3 years ago I only had 2 of them (Classics Regular and Mini Masters)!


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