Duck Tales Phat Mojo

 After saying that I would for weeks, I am finally taking a look at the Phatmojo Ducktales Flintheart Glomgold and both of the two-packs! These are very affordable and are currently Target Exclusives. The single figures (Donald, Flintheart, Launchpad, and Scrooge) are $8.99 and the 2-packs are $12.99. Launchpad is also available with his planee ($24.99) and the Money Bin is $29.99!
 Flintheart, the only single figure I have currently, is pretty basic but still very cool as he really does look like he jumped off the screen!
 He comes with his cane, which he can hold thanks to a peg on his left hand.
 His torso is completely solid, but it works for this figure and like all the figures (that I have) he has five points of articulation as his legs swivel!
 My main complaint on him is very common in this line it seems and that is that he cant hold his diamond. Also it has a lot of scruff marks on it. Why didn't they go with a blue or clear white plastic? Why go with black and paint it blue?
 Here he is next to Funko's "Disney Afternoon" Uncle Scrooge. As you can see, they look pretty decent together!
 Dewy, who comes with Huey, comes with a weird ray gun that I don't remember but he probably used at least once as all of the other accessories with these figures have been. Sadly he can barely hold it and it looks really bad on a side angle but kinda ok in a front view.
 Dewy also has a bag of precious gems which I think are great and if I get the money bin, might put them (and Glomgold's diamond) in it.
 Huey comes with a odd scythe/sword thing that looks Greek to me. He can hold it and it looks pretty cool.
 He can also hold what I think is the coolest accessory of them all: his Junior Woodchuck's guidebook! No it can't open.
 Louie, who comes with Webby, comes with a can of his favorite soda: Pep! Sadly he can't hold it which seems like a common occurrence with accessories in this line. They should have had it molded to an interchangeable hand OR have a handle on it.
 Louie also has his cell phone which he is seen with throughout the series and he can hold it well.
 Webby also has a grapple gun that she can hold. It looks odd having her hold it though. Turns out that I forgot that she actually uses it in the cartoon. At least she does in a webisode!
 The spy glasses that she wears in the cartoon occasionally do fit however they pop off and it takes time to get them just right!
 Here is a look at how Louie and Webby look with Funko's "Disney Afternoon" Scrooge figure. If your going for a more classic display it looks pretty good.
 And here is Launchpad with Huey and Dewey. The Launchpad is from Darkwing Duck but it looks pretty good imo, especially since Launchpad's design is very similar to the new one!
 All in all I really love these figures and hope to get the others next month (Scrooge, Launchpad, and Donald)! I would definitely encourage fans to get these.


  1. I looked up the new money bin but I still like the old one better (even though its pretty expensive now).Maybe I need to force myself to watch this show and I might feel differently lol

    1. The old Money Bin design is better but I still like it. At first I despised the looks until I realized that they are using the old Carl Barks looks for many and also you should watch it. The new Duck Tales is actually quite good.


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