25 Days of Christmas: Figurines!

  Recently at Goodwill I found these cute little miniature figurines. I have no clue where they are from but think they look pretty cool.
  Both of them have good paint aps and the sculpt is nice.
  If your wondering the scale, they are smaller than a Lego mini figure!
  They are also fragile, but all in all they look great.
 Thats it for today but even more wintery fun to come. Sorry about the quick post but not feeling great.


  1. Damn they look eerily familiar to me.Are they made out of wood?

    1. Originally I did not think so but the bottom texture does look woodlike, so I have no clue.

  2. aahh I know these also , they are some strange glass like plastic that I often see thing made out of in dollar stores.I have no clue where they came from but I have most definitely seen them before.


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