Welcome back to my childhood!
Lietenant (JG) Geordi La Forge - First Season Uniform (Playmates, 1993)
I was a huge fan of Star Trek The Next Generation and loved the playmates line and Geordi was actually my favorite but not because it was Geordi but because it was Levar Burton aka the Reading Rainbow guy! Like many others I grew up with Reading Rainbow so seeing him act was a treat and I wanted his figure!
Commander William T. Riker  - First Season Uniform (Playmates, 1993)
 Technically this is second season as in the first season he was clean shaven but he looks great with the other two! Jonathon Frakes would be one of very few TNG actors to have something to do with all the post TNG series! HE was a regular in TNG, was his "transporter clone" Thomas Riker in DS9, Appeared thanks to Q in Voyager, and was alongside Troi in the Enterprise finale! But wait theres more! He is also supposedly directing an episode of the current series "Discovery!"
Captain Jean Luc Picard  - First Season Uniform (Playmates, 1993)
 Xavier here was one of the best things in X-ME-- wait a second thats not Xavier! That is Picard! As a kid I was by no means a completionist but I needed the main cast and especially the captain himself. Though not as cool as Kirk as he stayed mostly on board the ship thanks to new regulations, he was still pretty kick A@! when he needed to be!
Bishop (Toybiz, 1993) 
 One of the best cartons of the 90s was X-Men! It was how I new them as I was not quite into comics yet (collected GIJOE and cartoon related titles) so I mostly stuck with the cartoon characters and Bishop was one of them! I thought his story of being from the future was pretty cool. The comic version was just as cool but these days I remember the Cartoon and pre late 1990s comics as I am not a fan of the present day take on them.
Chewbacca (Kenner, 1977)
 Star Wars was one of the first lines that I remember. I had so many and thought I would never own any of the vintage figures again so when I received this in a trade with Brother Midnight, I was ecstatic! He is by far my favorite Star Wars item in my collection!

 That is it for now, but more to come! Next week is Start and end Thanksgiving with Cassie and Alexis! On Thursday at midnight, Cassie posts the final chapter of her "Cassie does Hanna-Barbera Halloween" and then at 11:59 PM I will be posting this year's collection walk-through (and this year I am including images for those who do not wish to watch the video!) See you all then!


  1. "bUTTERFLY iN THE SKY,i CAN GO TWICE AS HIGH!" LOL.I liked that show too!

  2. "rake a look, its in a book, reading rainbow!" yep such a great show!


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