Welcome to another edition of New Arrivals (and a special week of posts which will finish with the site's 200th post on Friday!), but this week we will take a look at more than 5 items and are all my recent additions (minus Motu) that are not toys but I still wanted to share.
I found these 2 Golden book videos which made the total to 3 (including MOTU) but after I took rhese images I also found a Sesame Street one which will be shown down the road!
Hugga Bunch
Pound Puppies
Muppet Babies
This seems to be a series that features Kermit and he reads stories featuring the Muppet Babies!
From back when Cartoon Network was still good!
I had been looking for this so I was happy to find it! Now I have the first and last book in the series, just 2 more to go!
My Bunnicula collection is growing! I now have Bunnicula, Howliday Inn, The Celery Satalks at Midnight, and Bunnicula meets Edgar Allan Crow! Since I am only actively searching for the main series (though I will get the other 2 series if I see them) I have just a few more to go!
I never was a fan of the Ultimate X-Men but for 69 cents at Goodwill, I thought hey what the heck?
I love the Visionaries! Ironically I never had the toys but loved them anyway (and still do). Cassie picked this up for me earlier this year!
I had been wanting to get this (I mean I Collect erasers as it is and its a thumb drive? SOLD!) but I kept putting it off, I finally picked it up at clearance in Wal-Mart.

Well, that's it for now, but even more new arrivals are coming soon and tomorrow we look at another trade with Brother Midnight!


  1. Nice pick ups.I've been thinking about getting back into tpb's .Mainly for comics that came out in the 90s,late 80s.

    1. You should, those comics were great and I to have thought about it!


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