Recently, a friend was getting rid of her toys and gave me a few things that I had shown interest in over the years. This is the first of 3 toy hauls from the first few days of March (the other 2 are: Goodwill and non-Goodwill!)

 We'll start off with this very rare custom. It was created by her dog lol. I actually like "Battle Damaged" Battle Cat and plan to put the 200X armor on him and have him as  a warrior from the future.
 The armor here was actually mine but I gave it to her after the incident mentioned above since I used the 200X armor, but glad to get it back.

"Showcase" Batgirl here is probably one of my favorites of this bunch as I feel that this is one of her best representations in Action Figure form. Also now I finally have a Batgirl action figure (all I had was a Barbie doll of her and a McDonalds Superhero Girls figure!
 I had the Mattel Ronnie Firestorm but glad to add this version of him as well!
 Kid Flash will probably be fighting Mirror Master in my collection soon.
 Mera here is awesome! I love this figure so much!
 I wanted SuperWoman here because of her connections to Supergirl. At first I had no clue where to put her but then remembered that I have other characters from the Little Mermaid in my Ariel display so why not toss her into the Supergirl one?
Last up is Hope from the X-Men series! I never read her stuff but always liked her design. Its nice to have her and she will join my other X-Men.

Well thats it for now so I guess I should let the minion close up the vault but remember there is much more to come later this week! Also thank you very much to the friend who gave these to me!


  1. Thats very cool! It's too bad about battle cats paw though it looks like a painful wound, why are dogs always trying to hurt poor kitties ? lol

    1. lol I dunno lol

      Though I think his paw is the least of his troubles, the doggie also took out his tail and bottom jaw! lol

  2. doh , didn't notice the jaw at all!


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