This is going to be a quick one today. Today we are taking a quick look at the werewolf figure from the Doctor Who line. This is from the line when it was 5 inches and when David Tennant was still the doctor. At the time that I bought this figure, believe it or not I had never seen Doctor Who, Sarah Jane, or Torchwood!So, back when Wondercon (now in the San Diego area) was in San Francisco,  I bought a Sarah Jane 2-pack for myself and Cassie due to her love of it and me hearing about Sarah Jane all the time. I also picked this guy up that same day because well it is a cool werewolf.
 Look at this sculpt! That face is so cool and terrifying. I loved his episode, yes I have seen the shows since (or at least in the case of Doctor Who from Eckilson to the begining of the current Doctor's run.)
 This guy is huge when stood up and towers over my figures.
 HEre he is next to my Sarah Jane figure (5 inches) so that gives you an idea of his size.
For fun, lets also take a quick look at my other werewolf figure, Sonic the werehog! I never played this game*, but saw the short with him in it and love this 3 3/4 figure! I got him many years ago when SF had a TRU (Kaybee size) store in the mall one Christmas. *I have played and loved Sonic the hedgehog, I am talking about the were hog game (unleashed?)

I recommend both figures!

So that is a quick look at the Doctor Who Werewolf figure. Come back tomorrow for.... my Halloween specials reviews!


  1. Its sad to me that the Toys r Us in SF closed down :/ I worked at the one that was at Geary and Masonic. There was 2 of them but the first one closed in the late 90's. I have the wolf Sonic also , mine hates standing lol

    1. I was actually at the Geary one as a customer for a long time. I was so saddened when it closed. KAybee was already gone and so was F-A-O so it was the only place left. Then the one in the mall opened for a couple months and then they were gone.

      Yeah mine hates to stand as well lol.

  2. I used to love Kaybee toys. It was in therror Mall here Alexis. It was one of my favorite places to go for years, but once they shut it down I was stuck with WAL-MART of all places!!! Ugh!

    1. I miss KB because they used to discount toys from the 80s and 90s and still sold them from that era up until the day they closed lol


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